The Difference Between Custom And Kit Racking

Our Wine Storage Consultants are often asked, "I'm thinking of building a wine cellar, should I use kits or is it worth it to move to the custom level?" This is a question that comes up quite often when customers are determining their desired wine cellar racking style. There is not a clear answer to that, as everyone's needs differ, and so do budgets. But hopefully we can shed some light on the situation for you.

Kit Racking

Let's start with kit racking. Wood racking kits are basically a pre-fabricated version of the most popular racks used in the Custom series. There are many options of different racks to choose from (Individual, Diamond Bin, Rectangular Bin, etc). However, unlike the Custom series the racks all have set dimensions. Each full height rack in these kit collections can go to either 6 or 8 feet in height, are typically 13 ½" deep and different racks will have different widths. There are half height racks available as well. Since the dimensions are predetermined, they may or may not fit perfectly in your space the way Custom racking would. There are options for different stains, but they don't vary as much as custom.

Custom Wine Racks

This option is exactly what the name states: custom to your needs. Wine racking that can be made to fit the exact dimensions of your space. Any type and style of racking can be used in any combination you desire, as long as it is structurally sound and will support the racking as well as the wine (which is obviously a top priority!). Custom racking allows for a greater variety of wood styles, stains, and finishes, each giving the room a different look and feel. Custom racking is also a great way to maximize your space and capacity, as it ensures you can go floor to ceiling with your racking.

So how do you decide: should I use Custom or Kits? If you are looking for simple storage, a cost-effective option, and are not as concerned maximizing the room's capacity, but still want an attractive wine cellar, then kits may be for you. If you intend your cellar to be an important showcase room in your home, need to maximize your bottle capacity and would like to set up the racking exactly to your needs, then a custom wine cellar would be more your speed.

If you are still uncertain, simply contact call our Wine Storage hotline at 800-377-3330 and one of our Wine Storage Consultants will be glad to help you decide which type of racking is most suited to your needs.