What Is The Best Way To Serve And Preserve Multiple Bottles?

You will find some people will manually preserve a number of bottles and put them back in the fridge. That can work, but not for longer term preservation of wine. There are a number of multi-bottle preservation products on the market today, but not all of them serve and not all of them are temperature controlled. For example, the Nitro Tap can preserve and serve up to 3 bottles, but the bottles do not sit in a temperature controlled environment. The EuroCave Wine Art preserves and has temperature control but does not have a service option. So ideally, the BEST way to serve and preserve multiple bottles is in a unit that will control the temperature, allow for service while preserving up to a month. So while it is not an inexpensive option, the EuroCave Vin Au Verre is really the best way to serve/preserve more than 4 bottles. Of course if you are looking for something for the home, one of the 2 bottle units by EuroCave or the Krups model are going to be your best option for optimal preservation conditions.