Different Brands Of Wine Preservers

There are various different styles and brands of wine preservers ranging from single bottle to multi bottle that utilize both the vacuum pump system as well as some form of inert gas. The most basic, and one of the most popular, forms of preservation is the Vacu Vin Pump system. This system comes with its own stoppers that allow air to be removed from the bottle simply by pumping the Vacu Vin several times. The Electric Blue Vacuum Preserver works on the same premise but makes life a little easier by automating the pumping process with the push of a button. V Gauge and Vino Vac also make similar manual vacuum pump stopper systems.

There are also a number of inert gas cartridge systems for single bottle use as well. By far the most popular is Wine Enthusiast Private Preserve which is composed of an Argon, CO2 and Nitrogen "blend". By simply spraying this in the bottle and then using a basic stopper wine can stay fresh for a week or more. Coravin has developed a technology that allows you to pour and enjoy wine without disturbing the natural aging process by displacing Oxygen with Argon.

For multi bottle preservation, EuroCave still has the best preservation solutions. The Wine Art is a two bottle wine preservation vehicle that utilizes an automated vacuum pump system and keeps each bottle at the optimal service temperature.

The Vin Au Verre system from EuroCave is simply the top of the line for any preservation/dispensing system. It allows for eight bottles to be preserved, utilizing Nitrogen, up to a month boasting two separate temperature zones for white and red wine service. NitroTap also makes a more basic 3 bottle preservation and dispensing system for those in search of a value option. It is also available in a 1 bottle model that also uses Nitrogen in order to preserve the wine.