What's The Difference Between Break Resistant and Unbreakable

Customers often ask us "What's the difference between unbreakable and break-resistant glassware?" Well, here's your answer...

Unbreakable Glasses

Let's be clear...unbreakable "glasses" are not really made of glass at all. Our line of Indoor/Outdoor glassware for example are made from an Eastman Tritan™ copolyester (BPA-free/FDA-approved) so they are more similar to an acrylic material than they are actual glass or crystal. While they are durable enough to be used poolside or for your outdoor gatherings, they are classy enough to be used as everyday stemware as well, hence the name of Indoor/Outdoor Glassware.

Break Resistant

Break resistant glasses are typically made of a combination of materials that make them stronger in nature than glassware which is produced using all crystal. Our Fusion line, for example, is made with a combination of lead free crystal and magnesium. These glasses are perfect for everyday yet they are elegant enough to serve at your formal dinner parties. They are virtually unbreakable from typical wear and tear. So if a break resistant glass is knocked over on your dinner table chances are it will not break. However unlike the unbreakable line of glassware, these are really not recommended for outdoor use as they may shatter if they are dropped on a hard outdoor surface or even a granite countertop.