How Do I Aerate Wine?

While all aerators serve the same function, they are certainly not all created in the same mold. Some are meant to be used in the home, others for travel and some can even be used in conjunction with a decanter. So where and how you are going to use your aerator will help determine which one will be best suited for you. Below you can find some of the various styles available as well as their particular advantages and possible drawbacks.

There are a few different styles of aerators but all are used in basically the same manner. You basically want to slowly pour the bottle of wine through the aerator which can either be handheld, in the bottle, in a stand or even in a decanter or glass. The key to the process is to make sure you pour at a somewhat slow rate. By pouring the wine too fast you may experience leakage in certain aerates, such as the Vinturi, or the wine may splash off the aerator which can be a bit messy and wasteful. Plus, the slower you pour the more air is getting to the wine before it even flows into the aerator. So take your time and enjoy the aerating process!