The Different Types Of Aerators

While all aerators serve the same function, they are certainly not all created in the same mold. Some are meant to be used in the home, others for travel and some can even be used in conjunction with a decanter. So where and how you are going to use your aerator will help determine which one will be best suited for you. Below you can find some of the various styles available as well as their particular advantages and possible drawbacks.

Handheld — As the name states, these are the aerators that you would hold over a glass and pour the wine through. These include the Vinturi line of aerators. They will typically come with a screen, a base to place the aerator in when not in use and the Vinturi can also be ordered with a stand that holds it above the glass saving you the effort of actually holding it. These are perfect for your wine serving area or bar as they are a little bulky but allow a large amount of air to get to the wine in a very short amount of time.

In Bottle/Stopper — These are probably the most convenient of all aerators to use as they fit directly in the bottle and can double as a stopper most of the time. The Wine Twister and VinOAir aerators are a few we offer. The screens are usually built right into these aerators and since they fit right into the neck of the bottle it makes pouring into the glass very easy. They may not maximize the amount of aeration the way a handheld larger aerator will, but they are fantastic if you are planning to bring one to a restaurant or your next dinner party.

In Glass/Decanter — Certain aerators will sit right in the spout of a decanter or even in a glass. This style is similar to the handheld version, but requires a little less work. Vinturi can be used in this fashion as it will fit atop most decanters allowing for double aeration.