Benefits Of Different Styles

If you have ever shopped for a decanter, you are already well aware that there are various different sizes, styles and price points. All decanters really serve the same function, so it then comes down to which features are most important for your decanter needs. Many of the higher end decanters will be made from crystal or lead crystal. The lead is in minimal amounts and actually can even further assist in aerating wine. These are typically used for both functional purposes as well as home décor item as they can be elegant and artfully hand crafted. For those just looking for a vessel to aerate wine there are many decanters that are just made of glass that may mimic those higher end versions. While they may not have the same clarity or wow factor, chances are they will aerate your wine just the same. Some may have special features like a handle or a textured interior to increase aeration. These are wonderful for service purposes whether in home or in a commercial setting.