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Caer Maiko and Sharon Yeung

Caer Maiko & Sharon Yeung

Cofounders, Daijoubu Pop-Up

Austin, Texas (Maiko) and Seattle, Washington (Yeung)

This powerhouse pair—Maiko, of Japanese-American descent, and cofounder Yeung, of Chinese-American descent—founded a series of pop-up events devoted to what they affectionately call“Super Asian Cocktails”in 2019. The mission: “To make space for Asian people, flavor and culture, in front of and behind the bar.” The drinks deliciously challenge expectations—like a hot toddy transformed into a bowlful of ginger and licorice root broth, garnished with tang yuan (sesame rice balls) and edible flowers. And as the raucous party shifts among venues across the country, the pop-up has raised over $25,000 for non-profit and charity organizations, primarily for ones that support the AAPI community.

Instagram: @caermaiko, @okiedokiesmokey, @daijoubu.popup