The Glass Enclosed Wine Cellars of Benjamin Steakhouse, Westchester County and New York City

The folks at the Benjamin Steakhouse franchise take wine storage seriously. They realize the importance of properly protecting their wine, as well as beautifully displaying it. Benjamin has worked hand in hand with Wine Enthusiast to create these true cellar works of art. From traditional Redwood Custom Cellars, to the contemporary display style racking, the folks at Benjamin Steakhouse trust all of their cellar needs to Wine Cellar Designer Lou Ann Hesch and Wine Enthusiast. With multiple Wine Guardian Ducted Split Cooling Systems and Full Glass Walls throughout, these wine cellars are as functional as they are stunning.
Full Frontal View of Traditional Redwood Cellar with Glass Wall

The Full Glass Wall for this custom cellar in All Heart Redwood with dark walnut stain and lacquer allows the diners to gaze upon the stellar collection offered at Benjamin's Steakhouse in Westchester, NY

Metal Display Racking with Backlit Panels

Benjamin's wanted to add a modern, display racking section to go along with the traditional cellar. In this part of the restaurant, diners feel ensconced in wine and the wine lifestyle while enjoying their meal.

Virtual Wine Cellar Tour
VintageView Racking within Double Glass Walls
In the private wine cellar dining rooms of Benjamin Prime NYC, diners can view all the wine labels courtesy of the VintageView racking system… selecting what wine they would like to pair with their meal like a kid in a candy shop!

Alcove Wine Cellar with Display Wine Cellar

We selected the Wine Guardian Ducted Split Cooling Systems for all of the glass enclosed wine cellars in the restaurant. Not only can Benjamin be confident that the wine is being stored at the perfect temperature and humidity, but the only thing that is visible to diners are the vents in the ceiling… allowing the wine to take center stage.

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