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A 4,000 Bottle Customer Wine Cellar Video Series: From Start to Finish. Yorktown Heights, NY

This customer is no stranger to building wine cellars with Wine Enthusiast. From his first EuroCave purchase a decade ago to now his 2nd custom wine cellar designed and installed by Wine Enthusiast, he knows that his prized collection of valuable and age worthy wines need to be properly protected and showcased in style. His latest cellar holds around 4,000 bottles and is an ideal combination of functional storage along with some beautiful display features, and is climate controlled with a custom ductless split cooling system. Take a look below for a full video cellar tour from start to finish of how this cellar was designed, installed and completed.

Double Deep High Reveal Display with LED Display Lighting

We asked the customer to share some comments about the design and construction of this unique, custom wine cellar…

“I couldn't be happier with the work of the Wine Enthusiast in designing my 2nd cellar.

Glen and I have been working together for 10 years on his wine storage needs. He had the perfect space above his existing space for his newest custom cellar.

Part 1: Room Prep
Here, you'll learn about how the room gets prepared before the cooling unit is installed.

Ductless Split Cooling System Integrated in Individual Racks

I've worked with David Moseler since buying my first Eurocave unit in 2005. He designed my 1st cellar and then took my second cellar to a whole new level, a perfect blend of aesthetics and practicality, with several features that I love.

The importance of proper room preparation and calculating the heat load for the correct cooling unit is crucial to creating the ideal cellar climate. These ductless splits give a clean look as well as top of the line functionality.

Part 2: The Cooling Unit
Here, you'll see which cooling system was chosen to maintain the proper temperature and humidity levels for this prized wine collection.

Waterfall Island with Vertical Display Endcap & Wraparound Countertops

Some of the highlights include the triple deep racking that provides extra storage, but is hidden at first when you walk in; double high reveals with back lighting to show off prized bottles and verticals, plus storage for cases, magnums and splits then the customized island in the middle with a waterfall effect.

Counter space is something that I stress in every room. LED lights are also a great way to highlight those special bottles and give the space some character.

Part 3: The Unboxing
Here, the install begins as we open the boxes to get a sneak peek at the beautiful all heart redwood racks for this stunning wine cellar.

Diamond Bins Below Table Top and Glass Rack Center

As you can see in the video, HV Craftsman was a master at installing everything. I hope others have as much fun designing their own cellars as I had working with the Wine Enthusiast on mine."

HV Craftsman is a great local installer with their ability to complete any install as seamlessly as possible. We toasted the cellar and I'm privileged to be part of another great project.

Part 4: Installing the Racks
This week, the wine racks are out of the boxes and the installers are more than halfway through the installation. Have a look at how far they've come!

Part 5: The Grande Finale
We have reached the final week in our 5-part wine cellar video series. See how this cellar utilizes double and triple deep racks, a countertop, LED lighting, large format displays and a double-sided waterfall rack with display rows to house our customer's extensive prized wine collection.

Do you have a Wine Enthusiast-designed wine cellar that you would like us to profile in an upcoming catalog or on our web site? If so, simply contact your Storage Consultant or email us HERE.