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A Glass Enclosed Cellar in All Heart Redwood with Classic Mahogany stain and lacquer finish, accentuated by a series of contemporary metal display racks to help showcase some of Palm Bay International's most prized selections. The cellar boasts a Wine Guardian Ducted Cooling Unit for temperature and humidity control.

Curved Corner with High Reveal & Vertical Display

We asked the customer to share some comments about the design and construction of this unique, custom wine cellar…

“When we started to think about creating this wine cellar, we wanted to create a real 'wine feel' throughout our offices. As beautiful and aesthetically pleasing as they are, it didn't have that overall 'wine feel' that we wanted for our company.

As one of the premiere importers in the business, Palm Bay needed a wine cellar that would not only store all of their finest bottles properly, but would also serve as a display showcase for their customers and visitors.

Cellar View from Executive Dining Room

We use our Executive Dining Room a lot to entertain our suppliers that come in from around the world. We also bring in restauteurs and give them ideas about pairing foods with the proper culinary situation, now we can show off the great portfolio of wines we have while keeping them at the ideal temperature and have them available for tastings at any time.

If I didn't keep the door locked I think everyone would be hanging out in here!"

Between the centrally located contemporary display metal racking, the radius curved corners with a high reveal display and the double vertical display racks, this cellar exudes a wonderful balance of charm, beauty and function.


Do you have a Wine Enthusiast-designed wine cellar that you would like us to profile in an upcoming catalog or on our web site? If so, simply contact your Storage Consultant or email us HERE.