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6,000 Bottle Capacity Cellar offers Pinnacle of Storage and Entertaining: Santa Rosa Beach, FL

With over 6,000 bottles of wine that needed proper storage, including a large number of various sized bottles, this was a true passion project from start to finish. This customer wanted to incorporate an entertaining feature as well with table tops, stemware racks and areas to open and enjoy some of his amazing collectible wines with guests. Lastly, he had a large number of wood cases in his collection and wanted a display feature for some of his most prized wines. Take a look below to see how we were able to work with this customer to help turn their his cellar vision into reality.

Tasting Center with Cabinets Below and Stemware Rack

We asked the customer to share some comments about the design and construction of this unique, custom wine cellar…

“Debbie and I are thrilled with our new wine cellar. We are also highly pleased with the process that was required to fulfill our goals. This accomplishment was only possible because of our close [and time-consuming] collaboration with the Wine Enthusiast Team, where you were the quarterback. From the beginning through the end, you put your 'heart and soul' into this project and we greatly benefitted from this.

It was a pleasure to work with Stephen, a wine collector for over 40 years and his wife Debbie , an interior designer whose creativity and unique vision were truly inspiring.

Double Deep Table Top with Stemware Rack Above

Both you and I were willing to commit the considerable time to the many details that can go into designing a highly personalized wine cellar that was appropriate for my wine collection. For example, we needed to consider how many bottles I have by both bottle type [bordeaux, chardonnay, syrah, champagne, vintage port, etc.] and by bottle size [375 ml, 750 ml, magnums, and cases of varying dimensions].

With a good amount of various sized bottles, we had to strategically plan how to inventory and rack their 6000 bottles.

Full Wall Wood Case Storage

Once we had the detailed bottle inventory, you, my wife and I then evaluated the space available and the desired aesthetic.

After tirelessly going through a number of detailed design renderings, with great improvements being added along the way, we 'locked down' the blue prints for the room and ordered the racks.

It sometimes takes a few design revisions to unite the desired aesthetics with the capacity needs.

We understand this is a one- time purchase and want it to be perfect on all levels.

Double High Reveal Showcase Display

The quality of the rack materials, their 'fit and finish'and their installation by your team were outstanding. The racks not only look great, but they are rock-solid and are meeting every one of my wants and needs. This was a fairly complicated and highly detailed order that was perfectly executed. No surprises. No disappointments. No second visits. No second guesses. No regrets. Just happiness.

The vision of the perfect design can fall short sometimes if not executed by a professional installation team, and our guys did a wonderful job with this cellar install.

Customized Cellar Entry Arched Door

This outstanding result could not have occurred unless everyone on the Team was totally focused on the "Big Picture" as well as the inevitable minute details from the beginning to the end. So hat's off to you, to the folks at the mill and to the installers. Job very well done! If I were going to build another wine cellar, i'd want to do it with the same Team. I received excellent value for my money. In fact, I'd say that you 'overdeliivered'.

The customers happiness is paramount and the end result speaks for itself, "This is a masterpiece"!

Full Wine Cellar with Reclaimed Wood Table

When most of my friends enter the wine cellar, they are at first speechless with dropped jaws. The beauty of the room is breathtaking. Of course, I also love the functionality of the room -- which any wine afficianado would quickly grasp.

Thank You and Congratulations

A new cellar offers a true sense of pride and pleasure which is illustrated here, and this wonderful family is sure to enjoy many memorable moments in their new wine cellar!

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