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A Showcase All Heart Redwood Wine Cellar Designed For a True Vintage Bordeaux Collector: Baltimore, MD

This 1700+ bottle custom wine cellar was conceptualized and designed by Wine Enthusiast Consultant, Lou Ann Hesch. The following is an excerpt from a letter written by the homeowner shortly after his wine cellar was completed.

A View Of The Finished Cellar Racks

We asked the customer to share some comments about the design and construction of this unique, custom wine cellar…

“Last Fall, I contacted Wine Enthusiast to inquire about designing a wine cellar for my home. I dealt with your company on many occasions in the past and wanted to discuss the prospect of designing a new space for a portion of my wine collection.

I find a truly in depth consultation is crucial to discovering the specific wine storage needs of all my clients, particularly for this cellar. By finding out about their collection and their home I was able to help create the showcase wine cellar they desired.

Passageway To The Wine Cellar

I was referred to Lou Ann Hesch with regard to the project. Since then, I have been working with Lou Ann for months in the design, specifications of materials including the wood and finishes, receipt of the unassembled cellar, and, finally, construction.

Some of the special furniture and decorative pieces that this customer already had helped to create quite a stunning entryway into the cellar.

Wine Lockers and Archway

Our experience with Lou Ann has been exceptional. She is a true professional with creative ideas and a good deal of patience, which is required. We found Lou Ann's work to be extremely creative, with exceptional attention to detail as well as follow-up to make sure that every part of the project involving beauty, ingenuity, interest as well as fit and finish were attended to.

This customer had a very extensive and expensive collection of vintage Bordeaux wines. I find that lockers provide not only a perfect showcase for such valuable wines but the best overall protection as well.

Diamond Bin High Reveal Display Individual Racks

When we received our numerous cartons with instructions, we almost found it humorous to believe that anyone would successfully assemble the cellar. However, with Lou Ann's tips and a wonderful carpentry team, we assembled the cellar without any significant problems. In fact, amazingly, we did not require the replacement or alteration of any of the components provided. The quality of the wood is beautiful, the finish is wonderful. Again, many thanks to Lou Ann who made the experience most enjoyable with an extraordinary result."

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