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With a collection chock full of boutique Napa Cabs, Classified Bordeaux and other gems from all over the world, this customer needed a wine cellar that would not only protect all of his most prized and cherished wines, but one that would display his collection for all to see. With a full glass wall front, a stunning assortment of custom racking options and a fully ducted state of the art Wine Guardian Cooling system, we are able to meet all of the needs desired by this very passionate wine collector.

Corner Quarter Round Shelf Display featuring Limited Edition Dom Perignon

While protection and proper storage was the first and main concern when starting this wine cellar project, this customer want to make sure that there was enough display options throughout the cellar, particularly for his limited Dom Perignon boxes. Integrated these angled quarter round shelves provided the display featured he needed which adds a beautiful color accent to this cellar.

Central Archway with Cabinet Surrounded by Custom Racking

With as much of a flair for life as he has for wine, it was important that this customer could have a central entertaining section where he could show of his unique signed Jack Nicholson piece. Here he can open a bottle on this marble countertop and enjoy a bottle with friends while discussing some of their favorite Nicholson works of art.

Fully Ducted Wine Guardian Cooling System

We spent as much time determining the proper cooling solution as we did designing the cellar… as that is what is going to allow all of this collectible wine to age and evolve. The Wine Guardian Ducted Cooling system allowed him to utilize his storage room that is located just off the cellar, and keeps this cellar at the perfect temp and humidity for all of this wine to reach its peak perfection.

High Reveal Display Featuring Opus One Vertical

Being able to see the labels all of the most valuable bottles in his collection was a must for this cellar. And with a very long vertical of Opus One, starting from the original vintage, the high reveal display really accentuates each and every truly unique bottle of wine in this stellar collection. And when the display row is located right above all of those impressive wood cases of Hundred Acre and other Napa standouts, it feels like you could be visiting a tasting room cellar in the middle of wine country.

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