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Custom wine cellars are a reflection not only of the particular collection an individual may have, but of their style and tastes as well. Recently, we visited one of our cellar customers out in Long Island's Amagansett, NY to check out his recently completed creation in person.

Diamond Bin with Vertical ShowCase Display

We asked the customer to share some comments about the design and construction of this unique, custom wine cellar…

“I started my wine journey with red Bordeaux and Sauternes, but soon became enamored of Burgundies. These fragile wines required careful storage, and many of the older wines I bought were in poor shape. So I resolved to purchase them only from reputable dealers and store them myself.

After visiting our Westchester, NY showroom, this customer decided to incorporate a number of different styles of racking to house his high end collection. While Burgundy is certainly the star, he wanted to showcase his larger format bottles as well. So we incorporated this Vertical Display showcase piece above the Diamond Bin.

Individual Racking With High Reveal Display and LED Lighting

I use a professional wine warehouse in the City, but needed a dependable cave at our summer house in the Hamptons. We dug 17 feet below grade to build our wine room, and used custom racks designed and built by Wine Enthusiast in heart redwood. I decided to put the tasting room outside (behind a refrigerator door) for comfort without coats.

Individual racking is always a must for efficient and attractive storage. But when you add the High Reveal display row, along with that illuminating LED lighting, it accentuates the finest bottles in any collection.

Dual Floor Cellar with EuroCave Roll Out Racks Below

I was originally going to use a library ladder on wheels to reach the upper shelves, until my contractor asked me to consider the scenario in which at say age 75 I've already drunk a bottle or two and now want a bottle on the top shelf. I climb up the rickety ladder, get the bottle, and now climb safely down holding on with one arm, a bottle in my other? So I had an ironworker make the parapet walk and stairs, which gives the room a sturdiness of purpose.

This is one of the coolest features of any cellar that I have worked on... an iron walk-way that creates a dual level cellar. It was perfect in this scenario as this customer had a number of wood cases he wanted to keep intact, so we installed the EuroCave Roll Out Racks for the entire lower level.

Combination of Magnum and Half Bottle (Split) Racking

It also gave me a nice area underneath for pull-out racks for case storage. I'm getting more into magnums -the wine ages more slowly and evenly, and have a wall for magnums, as well as an area for half-bottles, since I love dessert wines. Marshall and WineEnthusiast did a magnificent job and my family and I will enjoy this room for years to come".

One of the benefits of custom racking is the variety and selection of racking to choose from. This wall houses all of the customers magnum bottles and splits as this is something he is planning to store more of in the years to come.

Do you have a Wine Enthusiast-designed wine cellar that you would like us to profile in an upcoming catalog or on our web site? If so, simply contact your Storage Consultant or email us HERE.