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N'FINITY Stackable Wine Racks
Want the look of custom racking without the custom price tag? Then meet our NEW N’FINITY Stackable line of wine racks! Crafted out of fine mahogany hardwood, these 4 foot racks are the most versatile full depth racks on the market today. Now you have the ability to rack from floor to ceiling by stacking these attractive racks on top of one another, giving a seamless finish and maximizing capacity. And with center, as well as base and crown moldings, these racks give the high end look and feel of custom designed cellars. They are also perfect for those under the stair cellar locations, or any place that height may restrict your racking height. With a number of various racking styles to choose from, you can mix and match these beautiful stackable racks to help achieve the exact design elements you desire. Feel free to reach out to one of our Wine Storage Consultants to help design your dream cellar.

Redwood Custom Wine Cellar
Understanding and assessing each wine lover’s collection, along with utilizing every space available in the cellar, is paramount for storing and protecting their liquid assets. This particular customer had a need to store and display his larger format collectibles, including 3L and 6L size bottles! Utilizing vertical display racking in combination with more traditional individual and double deep wood case racks we were able to create a perfect combination of display and function. The entire cellar is crafted from California Redwood, and with a WhiperKOOL Platinum split providing the cooling, these wines are being perfectly protected while on display for all to see.

Parallel Wine Racks
With our new Parallel Wine Display racking, Wine Enthusiast has answered the request for a more transitional, yet modern, display wine racking system. Metal wine display hardware spans a walnut wood structure to house and showcase wine in a unique format that focuses attention on the label. Simple, clean lines are achieved with as the wood vertical sit directly on the floor with no base platform or moldings. The vertical casework sides are pre-drilled for easy horizontal Parallel rod assembly. The vertical casework sits on the finished floor with optional concealed feet levelers, the wine rack is secured to the wall with provided wall bracket and a second unit can be seamlessly stacked to achieve a 7-foot height. Options and upgrades include finished end panels, LED display lighting and controls (with stand-off brackets), adjustable feet and additional wall mounting brackets. This wine racks system stores and displays wine in a label forward format but can also be stored neck-out for greater capacity. With 4 ¼” between Parallel bars, it will store a range of wine from standard Bordeaux size to Pinot Noir, Champagne and even some Magnum sizes.

GlenArbor Golf Club
When the General Manager and Wine Director at GlenArbor let Wine Enthusiast know they were looking to add a custom wine cellar for their prestigious collection, we were thrilled to assist with this exciting local cellar design. They had a service area for the wait staff that was underused, so we chose this high profile location to create this custom cellar. By opening up the wall between the dining room/lounge and service/storage area it now allows the members to view the cellar while dining. With multiple French Glass Doors the Wine Director is able to access every bottle in this stellar collection easily and efficiently within this stunning redwood custom cellar. Having a spot to open bottles and taste them before serving was another need, so we added this table top and glass rack center located within the cellar. Like many commercial and residential cellars alike. There was a need for both capacity and show stopping beauty for this cellar. By utilizing diamond bins and wood case storage on the lower level of the racking design we were able to fit more bottles in those tight spaces and leaving the upper area for display racking with showcase LED lighting. And with a fully ducted WhisperKOOL cooling system installed in the soffit atop the cellar, these wines are well protected and aging to their peak perfection.

Case and Crate
Wine Lockers are one of the biggest trends in wine storage these days. From steakhouses, to luxury condominiums to in home cellars… wine collectors are loving their wine locker storage solutions! While traditionally they have been produced using wood, VintageView has developed an extremely innovative and attractive locker made from their durable metal racking materials and properly named, the Case and Crate line of racking. The Bin style rack is an open faced compact offering where you can stack bottles to maximize capacity and easy access. The stylish locker takes the same appeal as the Bin but with the added security of lockable mesh style doors. This allows for locker membership programs to emerge in restaurants, country clubs or other commercial settings as well as secures your favorite prized wines in the home. Reaching up to nearly 7 feet in height, these racks can fill an entire wall or wine cellar or be used as a one off decorative rack in your living or dining room.