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Your Illustrated Guide to Pairing Fashion and Wine

The Designer: Michael Kors
The Essence: Bold and sexy, accessible, casual comfort
The Wine: Lodi Zinfandel
The Essence: A true American success story, Zinfandel seemingly came out of nowhere to liven up our lives and wine glasses. Although some versions can come on a little strong—think Michael Kors on Project Runway—most bottles from Lodi are as easy and approachable as a Michael Kors handbag or summer dress. The bold fruit and strong acidity are ideal for meaty, smoky cookout fare, while some Zinfandels from Lodi would not be out of place at a refined dinner.


Fun Fashion Facts

What wine goes with animal prints? The best answer may come from Italian designer Roberto Cavalli, who founded Cavalli Tenuta degli Dei with his son, Tommaso, who serves as its winemaker. Located in Panzano in Chianti, the winery produces two Toscana red blends and a Chianti Classico.

Stefano Sincini, CEO of the Italian luxury leather house Tod’s, owns Tenuta Pianirossi, a winery in Tuscany that houses an understated yet elegant agroturismo boutique hotel.

The Designer: Donatella Versace
The Essence: Strong yet elegant
The Wine: Priorat
The Essence: Massively structured with big, gripping tannins and ripe fruit flavors, yet characteristically elegant in strong mineral elements and spicy nuances, the wines of Priorat are great expressions of balanced opposites. The complex dichotomy—striking and edgy yet surprisingly graceful—echoes the designs of Versace, who partners a penchant for metals and bling with quality craftsmanship and overall harmony.


Fun Fashion Facts

Designer and style icon Coco Chanel was famous for the little black dress, but the House of Chanel diversified into red with the purchase of Bordeaux stalwarts Château Rauzan-Ségla, Château Canon and Ulysse Cazabonne. Chanel also acquired Napa Valley winery St. Supéry in 2015.

You may feel lighter on your feet in a pair of Geox shoes, and a glass of Villa Sandi Prosecco will surely add to that sensation. Both are owned by the Polegato family, which also produces stylish bicycle shoes for Diadora.

The Designer: Stella McCartney
The Essence: Comfortable, self-assured, refined
The Wine: Alsace Riesling
The Essence: Beautiful. Lively. Brisk. All are equally applicable to a glass of Alsace Riesling and a model gliding down the catwalk swathed in the latest from Stella McCartney. Polished, complex, mature and world-class, Riesling from this region in northeast France has a character that matches the British designer’s well-crafted looks: right for almost every situation, but stunning enough to hold center stage at the most sophisticated affairs.


Fun Fashion Facts

Wine appreciation takes on a whole new meaning with Nadia Zenato’s wine-themed jewelry. While other family members focus on Zenato’s winery, Nadia takes inspiration—and materials—from the world of wine to create bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings that feature corks and bottle toppers.

The Designer: Giorgio Armani
The Essence: Luxurious, stately
The Wine: Barolo
The Essence: Barolo is considered the king of Italian wines, and Giorgio Armani is among the highest-ranking royalty of Italian designers. His clothes are imbued with a sense of charm, elegance and subtle seduction, all of which are the hallmarks of a finely crafted and well-aged Barolo. The pinnacle of wines made from the Nebbiolo grape, Barolos will hold in your cellar for many years, just like an Armani piece will remain a mainstay in your wardrobe.


Fun Fashion Facts

Champagne is always in fashion at Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy (LVMH). LVMH is home to world-famous wine, fashion, perfume, cosmetic and jewelry collections, including Dom Pérignon, Krug and Château d’Yquem, plus Fendi, Givenchy, Christian Dior and Bulgari.

The Designer: Ralph Lauren
The Essence: Enduring elegance, relaxed
The Wine: Russian River Valley Pinot Noir
The Essence: Many consider the Russian River Valley home to the finest Pinot Noirs in the U.S. The wines can range in style from soft and accessible, like a pair of Polo jeans, to firmly structured and crisp, like a Ralph Lauren Purple Label suit. Either way, it’s the epitome of a classic American wine, whether you seek something mass market or custom fit.


Fun Fashion Facts

Owner/winemaker Massimo Ferragamo Castiglion del Bosco is the chairman of Ferragamo USA, as well as the youngest son of Italy’s most famous cobbler, Salvatore Ferragamo.

The Designer: Alexander Wang
The Essence: Sassy, street smart, a little brash
The Wine: Loire Valley Cabernet Franc
The Essence: It may not be the most obvious wine on the list, but with a strong sense of self and a bit of an edge, Chinon reds are akin to wearing an Alexander Wang chainmail dress. Offering appealing berry flavors with spicy notes and bracing acidity, the wine also has good structure, much like the expert tailoring for which the poised but playful Wang is known.


Fun Fashion Facts

The all-American girl has gone Italian. Having graced more than 500 magazine covers, model Christie Brinkley has put an illustration of her own on labels of Bellissima, her recently launched Prosecco.

The Designer: Jean-Paul Gaultier
The Essence: Over the top, fierce, makes a big impression
The Wine: Barossa Valley Shiraz
The Essence: Filled with exaggerated fruit flavor and distinctive spicy notes, Shiraz from Australia’s Barossa Valley shares much with the hyper-sexualized designs of Jean-Paul Gaultier. Gaultier showcases the human form in a provocative yet playful style, just as Barossa Valley winemakers show off the grape’s racy side with hot-blooded wines that make a bold statement.


Fun Fashion Facts

Sagrantino producer Arnaldo Caprai brings the world Cruciani cashmere and lace bracelets. The company is also the top supplier of lace to the Vatican.

Both Charles Heidsieck and Piper-Heidsieck are owned by the Descours family’s EPI Holdings, whose brands also include J.M. Weston shoes, Bonpoint children’s clothing and men’s shirtmaker Alain Figaret.

The Designer: Junya Watanabe
The Essence: Independent, confident, not for everyone
The Wine: South African Pinotage
The Essence: Often polarizing, Pinotage is both adored and questioned by wine drinkers. The same can be said of the designs of Junya Watanabe, whose avant-garde creations often look as though they sprung from an architect’s studio rather than a fashion atelier. While it may be invigorating to wear a boxy headpiece or dress covered with jutting spikes, they reflect a style that challenges and begs conversation, just like the exotic, gamy, nature of Pinotage.