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Your Fourth of July Eating and Drinking Guide

Gather your friends and family and celebrate America’s Independence Day. Whether your plans involve a leisurely weekend in the backyard or you need to quench your thirst during an outdoor adventure, we’ve got suggestions for food and drink to make the best of this July 4th.

From wallet-friendly wines to all-American bottles of bubbles, a rosé slushy (a k a “frosé”) recipe and cocktails that come in a can, grilling techniques and a one-pot clambake feast, these recommendations are enough to keep everyone happy. Check below for the tips and tricks to get your holiday right—or even to just get you through the rest of summer.

Summer Wines White and Rosé

Bargain Summer Wines

Just because you’re entertaining for a crowd doesn’t mean you can’t find great wine at a good price point. Here’s a selection of white wines and rosés under $15, plus a red you can chill. These will keep everyone happy.

Acrylic cups that are great to take sailing.
Illustration by Amber Day

Drinks for Your Holiday Activities

Planning on camping, cycling, boating, fishing, or any other outdoorsy activity over the holiday weekend? We’ve got recommendations for the right drink during or after your adventure—disc golf included.

The San Jose Frosé
Photo by Aaron Graubart

Yes Way Frosé

Lemonade ice cubes plus rosé? After a quick spin in the blender, you’ll have a beautifully light and refreshing wine slushie to help beat the holiday heat. Get the recipe for the San José Frosé cocktail.

Canned Cocktails
Photo by Matthew Dimas

Can-do Spirits

Canned wine is all the rage (we should know, we tried 11 for you earlier this year), but why should wine and beer get to have all the fun? Cocktails in a can are now on shelves, including canned Greyhounds, gin and tonics with a grapefruit/cucumber twist, and rye whiskey concoctions. We’ve rounded up these and others, to find the best canned cocktails that are perfect for summer.


Champagne flutes

America Sparkles: Domestic Bubbly

Sparkling is of the most underrated food-friendly wine out there (you haven’t lived until you’ve paired sparkling rosé with hot dogs) and perfect for the 4th of July. Here’s a list of ten bottles from Sonoma, Napa, Oregon and Washington state. The best part? They are all under $30.

Sweet Corn with White Miso
Photo by Penny De Los Santos / Food Styling by Frances Boswell

Sweet Summer Corn

Hungry yet? While classic corn on the cob always works in a pinch, here’s a recipe for a simple, elegant way to serve corn with a miso twist. It’s from the Napa Valley restaurant Two Birds/One Stone, one of America’s 100 Best Wine Restaurants of 2017

Grilled Skirt Steak with Chimichurri
Photo by Penny De Los Santos/ Styling by Frances Boswell

Fire Up The Grill

Here are two recipes featuring chimichurri, the quintessential Argentinean herb sauce. For the carnivores, we have a grilled skirt steak that pairs perfectly with a bottle of Petit Verdot.

Grilled Eggplant with Chimichurri
Photo by Marcus Nilsson / Styling by Michelle Gatton

For those who don’t eat meat, or are just looking for something different, try this delicious spicy chimichurri eggplant recipe instead.

A traditional New England One-Pot Clambake
Photo by Marcus Nilsson / Food Styling by Michelle Gatton

Clambake at Home

You don’t have to go to the beach for a clambake. Find out how to do everything in one large pot right on your stovetop. This comprehensive tide-to-table dinner also comes with recipes for cocktail hour and an easy-to-make salad with a unique Old Bay-infused dressing. We didn’t forget dessert, either: strawberry-blueberry shortcake awaits. Find out how to prepare your clambake and what to pour in your glass.

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