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Wine Enthusiast Podcast: Female Winemakers’ Shared Experiences

In this episode, the last in our three-part series in honor of Women’s History Month, we take a look at the varied yet related experiences of female winemakers.  

There are many remarkable female winemakers throughout the wine world that blazed new paths to the benefit of generations to come. As the industry evolves, we assess the similar issues several of them faced, versus what points of differentiation may have affected their vision or outcome. 

Senior Editor Stacy Briscoe speaks with Dr. Lucia Albino Gilbert, coauthor of the book Women Winemakers: Personal Odysseys, about the journeys of many of these women, and how they largely demonstrate a commonality of purpose and direction despite occurring in different times and cultures.

It’s exciting to learn more about the development of opportunity and points of entry for female professionals in the winemaking world, and while there’s still plenty of improvement to be made in gender equality and beyond, it’s also promising to discuss the progress and consider programs and advocates today that keep pushing the industry progressively forward. 

If you missed them when they dropped, be sure to listen in to the first and second episodes in our Women in Drinks History series. Read more about other trailblazing women in wine here, or check out this article to learn about female entrepreneurs creating digital communities with wine or this article to hear from women winemakers on mentorship and more.

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