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Winning in Style

Cricket World Cup

After proving triumphant in the sport’s most grueling test, Champagne is sprayed generously on the pitch by the victors, who make sure to swallow a spray or two.

Indianapolis 500

This storied race is full of traditions, none more curious than the winner drinking from a bottle of milk in Victory Lane. However, with a friendly BYO policy at Indianapolis Motor Speedway—just leave the glass bottles at home—that’s definitely not what fans are imbibing.

The Masters

The Champions Dinner on the Tuesday evening before the tournament involves all living winners of the prestigious Green Jacket, with the most recent champ choosing the night’s menu. South African wines, Canadian beer, Bordeaux and cigars have all been in the mix.

Stanley Cup

The 1896 Winnipeg ­Victorias are credited with kicking off the tradition of the winning team drinking Champagne (and other beverages) from hockey’s Holy Grail.

World Series

After capturing the title, winning teams  head to the locker room to spray as much shaken bubbly and beer on each other as physically possible.

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