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A Star (Brand) is Born: How Celebrity Wine Gets Made

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Whether they’re buying vineyards, blending from their own barrels or lending opinions and brands, there are some commonalities in the ways celebrity wines get to market.

Lady Gaga / Illustration by Mallory Heyer

A Star Is Born

All different types of celebrities make wine, but the thing that unites them is their talent and success on the big screen, small screen, court, field or beyond.

Francis Ford Coppola / Illustration by Mallory Heyer

Inspiration Strikes

Director Francis Ford Coppola was looking for a weekend escape from San Francisco, while the song “Peeno Noir” that Tituss Burgess performed on Netflix series Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt helped move him to start Pinot By Tituss Burgess.

Bon Jovi / Illustration by Mallory Heyer


Some stars go to brands that specialize in these sorts of partnerships, like Christie Brinkley and Iconic Brands, who formed Bellissima Prosecco. Others, like Jon Bon Jovi, may match up with winemakers who are famous on their own.

Alecia Moore Pink
Alecia Moore a.k.a. Pink / Illustration by Mallory Heyer

All About Style

Famous people will have varying levels of involvement in the actual winemaking. Some, like Alecia Moore a.k.a. Pink are in the trenches, while others are sharing preferences and tasting blends to find a fit.

Charles Woodson / Illustration by Mallory Heyer

Making the Brand

Celebs and winemakers have to work together to decide who a wine is going to appeal to. Former football player Charles Woodson has both a superpremium line and a more affordable one, while Sarah Jessica Parker’s Invivo x SJP is all about accessible, refreshing Sauvignon Blanc.

Luke Skywalker / Illustration by Mallory Heyer

What’s in a Name?

Barrymore Wines, Lisa Vanderpump and George Lucas’s Skywalker are among those that harness star power in their names. Others are more coy, like Fergie’s Ferguson Crest and Nocking Point, a reference to actor Stephen Amell’s character on Arrow.

Christie Brinkley / Illustration by Mallory Heyer

Spread the Word

When it comes to promoting their wines, stars are ahead of the game. Brinkley gets out front and center on QVC, Amell taps celebrity friends for limited-edition bottles, and in-store tastings are a big hit across the board.