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How Championship Teams Get Their Championship Wines

A well-balanced wine in a commemorative bottle could be what you need to toast the championship win for your favorite sports team. Mano’s Wine, headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, specializes in just that: The company produces etched or hand-painted bottles that feature logos and championship rings of pro and collegiate teams.

Inside those bottles, most commonly, is a “handcrafted reserve” red blend of 70% Cabernet and 30% Merlot, aged for 15 months in French and American oak. These medium-bodied blends are soft and easy for a sports fan who may not typically have a taste for wine.

Some licensed bottles are filled with a California brut sparkler. Though less common, others might feature a Willamette Valley Pinot Noir. The red blend is always used for at least one offering in the team partnerships. Other styles may be chosen after market research and discussions to determine taste profiles needs, as well as which wine type best fits the bottle design.

With each passing season and championship game, the company produces an etched bottle to mark the occasion. Die-hard baseball fans can enjoy wines that honor recent champs like the Chicago Cubs and Boston Red Sox, while football fans will get a kick out of wines that nod to the Philadelphia Eagles, as well as a collection from Mano’s that celebrates its hometown Kansas City Chiefs.

To signify the six Super Bowl victories of the New England Patriots, Mano’s and the team joined forces to create a six pack.

Of course, the wait is the hardest part, with years, or even decades, spent anticipating your team’s trophy. At least the wine is ready to drink (though it can be aged for up to five years) and the bottles can occupy a place on your mantel forever.

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8. Wayne Gretzky Estates (hockey player Wayne Gretzky)

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