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Producers Strike Down Piemonte Nebbiolo DOC

After a meeting between producers and their consortia of the Piedmont region that lasted for more than four hours yesterday (September 12), a vote came out against creating a new wine, Piemonte Nebbiolo DOC.

As previous reported in a column on August 5, the proposal—put forward by the Consorzio Barbera d’Asti e Vini del Monferrato—would have encouraged producers in growing zones throughout the region to invest heavily in Nebbiolo.

Though Nebbiolo is behind some of the greatest wines in Italy, including Barolo, Barbaresco, Gattinara, Ghemme, Lessona, Boca, Carema and Valtellina, it is one of the most difficult grapes to grow. Producers from the established Nebbiolo areas were concerned that proposed DOC would lead to massive amounts of mediocre wine that could hurt the variety’s lofty reputation. The proposal now seems to be off the table.

“We made our position known, and voted against the proposal, while encouraging those who were in favor of it to look for more territory-specific solutions. We’re pleased that the creation of Piemonte Nebbiolo DOC has been put to rest definitely,” said Orlando Pecchenino, a wine producer and president of the Consorzio di Tutela Barolo, Barbaresco, Alba, Langhe and Dogliani.

Aldo Vacca, managing director of the Produttori del Barbaresco winery, agreed.

“It’s a positive outcome because Piemonte Nebbiolo DOC doesn’t make sense for anyone. Of course, we aren’t against Nebbiolo being planted in other areas because vines don’t have a homeland. However, we strongly feel that the growing zone should be clearly indicated, especially since Nebbiolo is a vine that shouldn’t be used for generic or high volume production.”

In a widely circulated press release, Filippo Mobrici, president of the Consorzio Barbera d’Asti e vini del Monferrato, said, “The discussion was serene and constructive. Building on this base, we plan on presenting a proposal that all parties can agree on.”

Both sides say they are open to discussing alternatives that would indicate the specific growing zone, and most believe that this could lead to a proposal for a Monferrato Nebbiolo DOC.

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