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“Rosé is for When You Want to Get a Little Fancy,” Says Post Malone

Known for such hits as “Sunflower,” “Rockstar” and “Circles,” singer-songwriter-rapper Post Malone is Spotify’s most streamed artist of 2019 and someone you can absolutely imagine meeting at a party in a friend’s basement.

Now, the multiplatinum musical artist is also a person you can expect to have had a hand in supplying your wine. In May, he announced he’d be bringing his gregarious vibes to the glass with Maison No. 9, a 2019 Méditerranée IGP rosé. The bottling was created in partnership with Global Brand Equities, a company that produces branded wines and spirits, and Malone’s longtime music manager, Dre London.

Post Malone rosé
Maison No 9 Founder James Morrissey, Post Malone and Dre London / Photo by Greg Reego

“You either like a drink, or you don’t,” says Malone. “We have created a liquid we all love.”

Here, the 25-year-old talks about his foray into the beverage industry, and when life is most wine-appropriate.

What made you decide to enter the wine business?

I was introduced to the winemaker, Alexis [Cornu], through my friend James Morrissey from Global Brand Equities last February. My manager, Dre, and I met James for dinner at The Nice Guy in LA. James had just returned from visiting the vineyard in France. During the middle of my European tour [from February to March 2019], Dre arranged a jet from Paris to the South of France to get us to the vineyard. We fell in love with the wine, the vineyard and the winemaker… Last summer, we also filmed a lot of my “Saint-Tropez” music video there, too.

Why rosé?

I saw more and more of my friends drinking rosé. I always liked the color of it and the vibe that goes with it. Dre suggested we travel to the source and got educated on the juice. I wanted to make sure we came up with something that’s easy to drink and doesn’t take itself too seriously. I think people think wine has to be expensive to be good. That’s what we set out to create with Maison No. 9: a high quality wine at an accessible price point.

Maison No 9 rosé
Photo by Maison No. 9

You’ve also partnered with Bud Light. What are occasions when you tend to reach for beer, and when do you like to have wine?

I drink both. Beer is my go-to water. Rosé is for when you want to get a little fancy. It’s a nice switch up. Let’s chug a beer, then cool it down with a nice glass of rosé sometime.

The Maison No. 9 bottle is super slim and all glass, and it has a sword on it. Why go with that design?

Swords are fucking awesome, and I’ve been into them since I was a little kid. I have a collection of them at home and a claymore sword tattoo on my face. The name of the wine is a reference to the tarot card, the Nine of Swords.

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