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Mulled Wine Goes from Warm Drink to Trendy Winter Hair Color


There’s a new burgundy-red hair color you might have seen popping up all over Instagram. And it’s inspired by the winter season’s favorite festive warm beverage: mulled wine.

New York City colorist Rachel Bodt tells Allure about the new trend. “It looks super dimensional, youthful and is a way more modern way to pull off a deep, red color,” Bodt says. Like red wine, this new hair color comes in many shades, so there’s a style for everyone.

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As Pop Sugar explains, mulled wine not only inspires red hues but also orange and cinnamon highlights.

Pop Sugar calls the colorful results “irresistibly ‘grammable’.” But we think mulled wine in a mug is just as worthy of social media, too.

Whether you are looking for your next hair color inspiration or you just like warm winter beverages, check out our mulled wine recipe from cocktail lounge Nightingale in Minneapolis. (People in Minnesota know how to beat the cold.)