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Keeping Drinks Cool this Summer

Whether you take long walks or take up a racquet, summer is the time to be active. And, working up a sweat means working up a thirst. Sure, we recommend that you hydrate with some H₂0 or a sports drink, but when you’re having fun with friends, water satisfies only so much. Different strokes call for different drinks, so pick your game and get the (responsible) fun started.

Different camping supplies
Illustration by Amber Day

Camping | Boxed or Tetra Pak Drinks

Why: Whether you favor wine or cocktails, the last thing you want to do is lug heavy bottles, even if car camping. A range of boxed products offer many choices, and don’t be wary of the nontraditional format—you can find some great juice in those alternate packages. Mason jars with handles and caddy, are ideal for easy transport on and off court.

The Burton Beercuda keeps beer cold.
Illustration by Amber Day

Disc Golf | Wheat Beer

Why: Nothing goes better with ice-cold refreshment than hanging out with buddies on a grass course that features trees and somewhat hilly terrain. If this is your game, you’ll be working up a sweat, and more alcoholic IPAs will sit heavy. Opt for a supercold wheat beer for hitting the sweet spot. Burton Beeracuda is an insulated two-liter sleeve that you throw across your back for carting cans. It even has an external koozie.

A leather wine carrier to mount on a bicycle.
Illustration by Amber Day

Cycling | Rosé from Provence

Why: There’s something about cycling on the open road that makes us think of France—perhaps it’s that 23-day, 2,200-mile race they do over there. Even if you just ride around your city, a summer-savvy pink wine is a refreshing post-ride reward for being a pedal-pusher. Bicycle-mounted leather wine carrier.

Acrylic cups that are great to take sailing.
Illustration by Amber Day

Boating | Sparkling Wine

Why: Is there anything more refined than a day at sea in a boat with the sun glistening off the water? Whether you’re on a majestic yacht, a sleek sailboat or a center console, it’s all about bubbly. No matter if you sip Champagne, Cava, crémant or other sparklers, just go with the flow. Acrylic sippy cups are BPA-free and keep wine chilled. The colored lids help you find your drink after you’ve opened the sixth bottle.

A large mes laundry bag is good for collecting empty beer cans when fishing.
Illustration by Amber Day

Fishing | Cans of Session Lagers

Why: Fishing is about kicking back and not having a care in the world. This isn’t the time to be fussy. You want good, cold, cheap beer to crack open—maybe even shotgun—as you gently float downstream. A large mesh laundry bag  can be used to capture the empty cans.

Mason jars that are good to take when playing tennis.
Illustration by Amber Day

Tennis | Pimm’s Cups

Why: Wimbledon, the sport’s most historic and prestigious tournament, famously holds court over a fortnight each summer in England, which is also home of the Pimm’s Cup. Traditionally made with cucumber, it’s also often packed with strawberries, peaches and other fruit, which makes this refreshing, low-ABV cocktail an all-day sipper. Mason jars with handles and caddy, for easy transport on and off court.

A set of glasses for gin and tonic.
Illustration by Amber Day

Croquet | Gin and Tonic

Why: A backyard garden party is a great way to while away an afternoon. Croquet hails from the UK, and what cocktail typifies Merrie Olde England more than a gin and tonic? Or, get things rolling with lawn bowling—Italian (bocce) or French style (pétanque) for an internationally themed afternoon soirée. A set of Copa de Balon glasses, because you shouldn’t drink your gin and tonic any other way.

Illustration of girl camping with wine.
Illustration by Amber Day

Hiking | Bottled Whiskey Cocktails

Why: Whether it’s a mountainside climb or a trailside trek, hiking can involve rugged routes. And when you feel tough, whiskey is a natural choice. Several well-made bottled cocktails have hit the market and are easy to transport. Or, simply fill a flask with your favorite Bourbon for easy sipping. A bota bag can hold one liter and easily slings over your back.