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Is Wine Healthy? The Public and Nutritionists Disagree

There’s a surprising gap between the American public and nutrition experts when it comes to the perception of whether wine is healthy. The unexpected part? The general public seem to be the ones erring on the side of caution.

According to a report released yesterday by The New York Times, in conjunction with a survey by media/polling firm Morning Consult, nutritionists and the public disagree on whether they consider wine to be healthy. (Of course, “healthy” itself is a word that can be widely interpreted.) Seventy percent of nutritionists polled from the American Society for Nutrition described wine as healthy, yet only 52 percent of the public did the same. The only other food items among the 50 or so that participants were questioned about that had a bigger disparity in perception? Those would be quinoa, tofu, sushi and hummus, all perceived as healthier by nutritionists than the general population.

On the flip side, the public deems granola bars, coconut oil, frozen yogurt and granola much healthier than nutritionists.

What’s your take on these expert opinions? You can read the full report here.

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