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Holiday Gift Guide 2019: Best Gifts for Wine Lovers

Need to pick up a present or two for the wine lovers in your life? Gifting a bottle is always a good choice (head here and here for recommendations), but there are tons of other options. Whether you’re looking to splurge or need some more affordable presents, we’ve got wallet- and wine-friendly gifts. Scroll down to find 15 ways to drink and be merry this season.

Photo of Cork Bluetooth Speaker facing up
Photo by Tom Arena

Cork Bluetooth Speaker

Forget the fight over whether to drink red or white. Music is the best possible wine pairing. Amplify the soundtrack of your sips with this compact speaker. Powered by a rechargeable battery, it connects easily to any Bluetooth device and demonstrates impressive range. The real bonus, however, is the cork housing doesn’t just look cool, it protects the electronics from any spills while you dance.

$49, Jon Martin Woodworking

Photo of Electric Pro All-in-One with blue light on
Photo by Tom Arena

Electric Blue Pro All-In-One Automatic Wine Opener, Preserver & Electric Aerator 6-Piece Set

An ideal gift for anyone who loves to host, the Electric Blue Pro All-In-One is an entertaining secret weapon. With the touch of a button, the compact, five-in-one system can open your bottle and aerate your bottle, and then seal, date and naturally preserve it. Equally magical? The sleek look and glowing, electric blue hue.

$99, Wine Enthusiast

Photo of leather wine bag with two bottles in it, corkscrew to the side
Photo by Tom Arena

Genuine Buffalo Leather 2-Bottle Wine Tote with Waiter’s Corkscrew

Intrepid wine drinkers, rejoice! Whether you’re headed off the beaten trail, coming home from your favorite neighborhood shop or traveling to holiday celebrations with your loved ones, this two-bottle wine tote is built to wander. Its rugged, buffalo leather construction opens to reveal a padded interior with detachable dividers that create extra protection for your bottles. And, just to ensure you’re prepared to pour on the go, each order includes a waiter’s corkscrew that you can slip into the detachable pouch.

$99, Wine Enthusiast

Photo of marble wine chiller with bottle of wine in it
Photo by Tom Arena

Marble Wine Chiller

An essential tool for any home bar, this modern marvel makes use of marble’s natural thermal properties to keep your bottle cold. The dramatic clash of a solid black marble sleeve and white marble base, on the other hand, is, well, just plain cool. Gold leaf, single-initial personalization is also available for an extra charge.

$49, Wine Enthusiast

Photo of Max McCalman’s Wine and Cheese Pairing Swatchbook
Photo by Tom Arena

Max McCalman’s Wine and Cheese Pairing Swatchbook (Potter Style, 2013)

From cheese master Max McCalman, recognized as America’s first restaurant-based maître fromager and a Guilde Internationale des Fromagers-designated Garde et Juré, comes the Wine and Cheese Pairing Swatchbook. This easy-to-use pairings guide includes details about the history, production methods and unique flavors of 50 of the world’s finest cheeses. Boasting both cheese and bottle recommendations with a few unusual pours, this is an ideal present for any wine-loving curd nerd. Gift this on its own, or alongside a favorite cheese or bottle of wine.

$14.95, Penguin Random House

Photo of coffee beans under a bag labeled "merlot infused coffee"
Photo by Tom Arena

Merlot Infused Coffee

Can’t decide between coffee after dinner or another glass of wine? John Jenkins, from Virginia’s Orange County Roasters, has the perfect solution. Sold in 12-ounce bags, Merlot Infused Coffee is made from 100% Arabica coffee beans aged in oak wine barrels. This creates a tasting profile that’s full of red berries and graced by an undertone of currants and blackberry. While they have caffeine, the beans contain none of the wine’s alcohol, so dinner guests will be awake and ready for a drive home.

$20, UncommonGoods

Photo of hot pink merlot salt falling out of bag, closed bag of chardonnay sea salt next to it
Photo by Tom Arena

Merlot Salt and Chardonnay Oak Smoked Salt

Any good cook knows that proper seasoning is essential to build the flavor of your meal. Now, thanks to SaltWorks., you can easily add another layer of taste. The Merlot Salt is infused with lightly tart, oaky wine from local Washington State wineries. The Chardonnay Oak Smoked variety is created by gently cold-smoking fleur de sel over aged oak wine barrels. Sprinkle the former on your filet mignon, or the latter atop butterscotch ice cream.

$10–$17, SaltWorks

Photo of Natural Wine for the People
Photo by Tom Arena

Natural Wine for the People by Alice Feiring (Ten Speed Press, 2019)

Despite natural wine’s increase in popularity, confusion still surrounds the category. Lucky for us, natural wine advocate and author Alice Feiring clears things up. This petite, illustrated compendium explains all the natural wine basics—what it is, how it’s made and where to find it. It also debunks some of the rumors you may have heard and offers a list of producers worth knowing.

$18.99, Penguin Random House

Photo of two sets of petrified wood coasters
Photo by Tom Arena

Petrified Wood Coasters

Petrified wood occurs when a plant is buried by sediment, which protects the bark from free radicals and slows decomposition. Over a few million years, minerals form in place of the wood fibers and eventually become crystal. The results are highly coveted, and now, thanks to West Elm, you can add a naturally compelling, useful element to your coffee table.

$59, West Elm

Photo of chocolates that look like corks, labeld "Willamette Vallery Winery Collection"
Photo by Tom Arena

Willamette Valley Winery Collection Chocolate

Artisan chocolate maker Moonstruck Chocolate Co. is responsible for this ingenious 12-piece collection of wine-infused confections. Featuring Stoller Family Estate, Montinore Estate, Erath and Sokol Blosser Winery, each box offers a flight of chocolate truffles made with some of the Willamette Valley’s top grape varieties.

$35, Moonstruck Chocolate Co.

Photo of two wine bottles covered in mosaic glass
Photo by Tom Arena

Wine Bottle Mosaic Lanterns (Set of 4)

Here’s a find for the creative types in your life. Help your wine-loving, interior-design aficionados create the perfect ambience with these mosaic lamps shaped like wine bottles. Available in sets of four that include an assortment of meticulously handmade styles, each is illuminated with LED fairy lights and adorned with a handle that makes hanging simple.

$69, Wine Enthusiast

Photo of two globe decanters, one inside the other
Photo by Tom Arena

Wine Enthusiast Art Series Duet Double Decanter

No, you’re not seeing double. This smart, sculptural design aerates two wines simultaneously in one single, elegant piece. For an even more stunning visual statement, decant a red wine in the larger, outer bowl and a white wine in the center bowl. Alternatively, put a different spirit in each to mix-up 50-50 cocktails without missing a beat.

$59, Wine Enthusiast

Photo of two boxes of wine gummies, one chardonnay, one rosé, with a bag of pale yellow gummies
Photo by Tom Arena

Wine Gummies

Made with all-natural and vegan ingredients, these clever gummy candies are shaped like grape clusters and are inspired by some of our favorite wine varieties. Sold in sets of three that include a box of rosé, Chardonnay and Merlot flavored gummies, they make a great stocking stuffer or thoughtful gift on their own.

$24, UncommonGoods

Photo of three unlabled bottles of wine and three cards set up for Wine Tasting Kit players
Photo by Tom Arena

Wine Tasting Party Kit

Step 1: Pour a flight of wine.
Step 2: Party like you work in the Tasting Department of Wine Enthusiast.
A great idea for connoisseurs and newer devotees, this Wine Tasting Party kit has practically everything you’d need to host an at-home tasting. The set includes 12 tasting cards with ample space to jot down notes, as well as tasting tips for novices. Want to really challenge yourself? Cover each bottle in a brown paper bag or a layer of aluminum foil to try blind tasting like the pros.

$19, Beau-coup

Photo of three wine glasses on their side, two with white wine, one with red
Photo by Tom Arena

Zenology Somm Wine Glasses

Designed for true wine lovers, it took 21 steps and 15 highly skilled glass masters to create this set. Available as Pinot Noir, Cabernet and Universal wine glasses, their unique bowl shape allows you to swirl and taste wine like a master sommelier. They’re lightweight, lead-free and break-resistant, but just in case of accidents, they come with a 10-year limited replacement warranty. Of course, there’s one problem in gifting them: You’ll want to order a second set for yourself.

$70, Wine Enthusiast

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