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Five Tips for Drinking Better in 2019

As the new year approaches, and you’re contemplating what you want to do differently in 2019, it might be time to take a look at your wine routines and question whether or not they are in need of a shake-up.

Think about your wine purchasing, education and consumption rituals. Have you bought anything different, learned anything new or shared anything spectacular with friends or family? If not, you might in fact be stuck in a wine rut.

You’re not alone. It’s easy to get caught up in the comforting and familiar.

But a new year brings promise and hope of exciting things to come, and there’s no reason to exclude wine from that outlook. I polled our editorial team for big-picture promises to keep us on our wine A-game in 2019.

1. Try Something New

This year, aim to taste and enjoy wine more broadly, from a wider range of places and producers as well as varying grapes and styles. Sub that go-to Sauvignon Blanc with a bottle of Rkatsiteli. If you’re a fan of Cali Cabs, consider other New World locales that might similarly tickle your tastebuds, like a selection from South Australia or Stellenbosch, South Africa. There’s so much fantastic wine out there, why would you ever want to limit yourself?

2. Remember Your Successes

Whether you’re new to the wine scene or a seasoned vet who sees far too many labels in any given week, remembering names of producers, vintages and appellations can be seriously tricky business. If you’re old school or just sentimental towards tangible goods, a large journal that allows you to paste wine labels next to the item description is an awesome keepsake and time capsule for your year in wine. Tech-savvy and on the-go folks should try journal-compatible wine apps like Cellar Tracker, Delectable, Tipple and Vivino to act as a virtual memory bank.

3. Broaden Your Knowledge

From new style trends to deep dives on favorite regions, one of the greatest things about wine is that there is always something new to learn. A wide variety of wine education centers and universities offer classes across all levels of expertise and experience, but you can also check out an informative tasting at a local retail shop or hit the social channels to find an open tasting group near you (bonus: new wines and friends!).

4. Share the Wealth

The greatest part about wine enjoyment is sharing it with the people you love. Don’t be stingy with all your wine discoveries, new or old. Guilty of hoarding too many bottles for “special occasions?” Re-think your idea of what a special occasion is—maybe it’s just anytime you are fortunate enough to be surrounded by good company and conversation. There’s nothing like a good bottle of wine to bring people together for an experience that you will never forget. And to that point…

5. Have Fun

This should really be rule number one, always. Wine is fun! Drinking it should be pleasurable, memorable and exciting. Don’t get caught up in labels and price tags. Change up typical food and wine pairings. Reach out to the vinous unknown. Buy a bottle of wine that you know nothing about just for the experience. Remember that wine is something to be shared with those you love to encourage happiness, conversation and conviviality. Celebrate life and all of the joys that it brings—including wine.

This year, be proactive in the search to become the best wine lover you can be. I’d love to hear about your wine resolutions; use the hashtag #WEresolution and share how you will better enjoy the world of wine in 2019. Here’s to a happy, healthy and fun wine new year!