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Drinking to Healthy Relationships; A Unique Pairings Philosophy; and more News

Do couples that drink together, stay together? A study of couples over age 50 undertaken by Journals of Gerontology B: Psychological Sciences says it’s about being on the same page. So if both partners drink—or both partners do not drink—it tends to make for a happier relationship. Dr. Kira Birditt of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, author of the study, told Reuters, “We’re not sure why this is happening, but it could be that couples that do more leisure time activities together have better marital quality.”

Rethink Wine and Food Pairing?

A sommelier in India, Rakesh Awaghade, has an interesting take on how he handles matching wine with food. He says, “Contrary to what you might expect, I follow no rules while pairing food and wine because I believe it is more important to pair wine to the diner rather than to the dinner, as in that way the guest will get the most pleasure.” (Read the rest of the interview in Sommelier India.) If you beg to differ with Awaghade, we have a Summer Wine and Food pairing guide covering everything from fluke tartare to tarte Tatin.

Champagne for President

We’re pretty sure we know what wine would be served at his inauguration if Pierre-Emmanuel Taittinger, president of his family’s eponymous Champagne house, became President of France. The Drinks Business says he’s thrown in his hat as a candidate in the upcoming presidential elections.

Sixer Star’s Sparkling Socks

NBA Hall of Fame member Allen Iverson has dipped his toe into the sock business. One design called “Winning Taste,” bears quite a resemblance to a very famous Champagne label. Pair a glass of the good stuff with a pair of this cozy footwear, turn on Sports Center and you have The Answer.

War in Sancerre

Disputes over the rights to grow Sauvignon Blanc in the Loire turned ugly, as anonymous vandals uprooted 5,000–6,000 vines in the commune of Saint-Satur, Decanter reports. No one has come forward claiming responsibility for the damage and no arrests have been made, but tensions have been high regarding the more liberal E.U. regulations regarding new Sauvignon Blanc plantings outside of the established Sancerre AOC. Nathalie Prieur, the director of the Union Viticole Sancerroise, has denounced the attacks.

Meanwhile, in the Trade

Famed Australian Producer of Fortified Wines Changes Hands

Can You Sell Riesling at a Steakhouse?

Yes, you can.  Tylor Field III, who is in charge of the beverage program for Morton’s Steakhouses, commented, “I’d love to say that I discovered Riesling and made my guests drink it, but they told me loud and clear that they wanted it.” He noted Riesling sales are especially strong at the bar, particularly in combination with the bar menu, which is focused on foods that have some combination of savory, salty and/or spicy notes. Wines and Vines, in a recap of a panel at Riesling Rendezvous, also looks at the grape from a retail wine perspective.

On the Scene and in the Press

At the annual Wine Enthusiast media conference, Food Editor Nils Bernstein shows off his oyster shucking skills at a tasting and informational workshop hosted by Harvest Moon Shellfish and the Long Island Wine Council.

Meanwhile, at the Tales of the Cocktail event in New Orleans, Spirits Editor Kara Newman spots a very self-referential new trend in bitters.

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