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The Best Wine Shops in the U.S. for 2022, According to Pros

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The geographical designations were based on the James Beard Foundation.

American wine shops do more than sell bottles to consumers. Today, the best local spots are community centers that bring people together for tastings, to collaborate on events with other small businesses and create neighborhood connections.

Wine shops can also be places of advocacy, running fundraisers to support local causes. They’re places of care, where staff can make helpful and personalized suggestions, which help guide a newly curious consumer on their wine journey.

The United States has over 40,000 wine and spirits stores. But for this list, we spoke to wine, drink and food industry pros to find the local retailers that prove there’s more to wine shops than the bottles on the shelf.

Explore the Regions

The Best Wine Shops in the South

Cellar Masters Wine & Bottle Shop

St. Petersburg, FL

“[Cellar Masters] is run by the super fun and smart team of Ryan Ruggs and Kory Lynn, who are approachable in sharing their wines, which are all minimal intervention, very well priced, nearly all French and definitely delicious,” says Nate Siegel, co-founder of Willa’s. “The vibe of the bar is your uncle’s basement in the 1970s in Iowa, with hip-hop music on the speakers. There’s no food, but every first Monday they host a pop up, usually with a taco truck in the back, which is a favorite of industry friends.”

Corkscrew Fine Wine and Spirits

Jackson, Mississippi

“I’m always looking for that perfect drink to highlight the flavors of my dishes and to take them to the next level,” says Nick Wallace, Mississippi chef and Top Chef Season 19 contestant. “I’ve been visiting the team at Corkscrew for years and they still haven’t let me down. They’ve got a great wine selection and are always introducing me to new favorites.”

Golden Age Wine Shop and Bar

Mountain Brook, AL

Margot Mazur, wine writer at The Fizz, says that Golden Age Wine is the perfect little wine shop/bar. “Any wine lover will find their new favorite sipper. They always have a bunch of options by the glass to try. Wines are sectioned out into categories, so you can shop chilled reds, female winemaker-made selections, and they’re all available for same-day delivery if you can’t schlep over yourself.”

Happy Wine Calle Ocho


“True to its name, Happy Wine Calle Ocho has mastered the art of making wine fun and inclusive, in the most Miami way possible,” says Sarah Phillips, cofounder of “From Wednesday to Saturday, it hosts live musicians with plenty of personality. Think ’80s hits, salsa and sing-alongs led by a singer in a silver jumpsuit. You can take wine from the shelf, pay $7 corkage and drink in. The wine range is broad, everything from inexpensive Merlots to natural, and classic European fine wine. This means that everyone is welcome, especially if you like to dance.”

Keife & Co.

New Orleans

“[Keife & Co.] has an excellent selection—the best in the city,” says Jack Morey, sales representative at Skurnik Wines & Spirits. “The team is knowledgeable and passionate staff who will geek out over wine with you. The bar in the back corner always has something open. Plus, tinned fish!”

Mavis Wine Co

Rogers, AR

“Mavis is a really special place in Northwest Arkansas,” says Suna Choe, co-owner of Arkanseoul Korean Food Company. “From the curated wine selections that are cleverly paired with the tasty “Bites” offerings to the relaxing ambience, Mavis is truly a gem of a wine shop (and bar). The owners of Mavis, [Meghan McDonald and Jeff Barnett], along with their amazing team, always ensure a welcoming experience every time we visit. We always look forward to returning.”

The Best Wine Shops in the Southwest and Southeast

3 Parks Wine Shop


3 Parks Wine Shop interior
Image Courtesy of Kate Blohm

Demario Wallace, beverage director at Oliva Restaurant Group, says 3 Parks is his favorite wine shop in the country. “The woman-owned and run bottle shop is the leader of the natural wine scene in Atlanta. Their weekly tastings allow guests to get up close and personal with the best winemakers in the world. The shop offers rare bottles, labels from inventive winemakers and your everyday wine. The staff is very approachable, and the vibes are all about inclusivity. [I’d say] 3 Parks Wine Shop is a great everyday shop for everyone.”

Graft Wine Shop

Charleston, SC

4 people sitting around a table with wine at Graft Wine Shop
Photo by Elizabeth Rollins

“[Graft Wine Shop] is an oasis in the south,” says beverage professional Will Ryan. “Femi [Oyediran] and Kristen [Bhattacharyya] truly treat each person who walks in the door like family. We’ve spent afternoons and evenings there and always leave with more wine knowledge and a great restaurant or bar recommendation. The selection paired with the hospitality makes this my favorite spot to drink wine in the [Southeast].”

LouElla Wine Beer & Beverages

Durham, NC

LouElla Wine, Beer & Beverages
Image Courtesy of LouElla Wine, Beer & Beverages

“I remember a time when North Carolina was considered a dead zone for culture” says sommelier Kayla Mensah. “But in the past several years, there are a few spaces that are bringing the Piedmont to life. LouElla’s is one of those, and my favorite place in Durham by far. [It has a] killer German wine selection, affordable/accessible price points and the added bonus of a wine bar.”

Sauvage Bottle Shop


Savauage Bottle Shop
Image Courtesy of Grace Stufkosky

“[This] is my go-to, and was our wedding weekend hotspot,” says Jasmine Senaveratna, a sommelier and beverage educator. “It’s a natural wine shop within the Churchill, a mixed-used community space, and you can buy bottles and sip in the courtyard or grab and go. Chris Lingua curates bottles for fans of, and newcomers to, natural wine, which I appreciate. He always has something new, and good sparkling, to boot.”

Savannah Wine Cellar

Savannah, GA

“[This is] the right place to be for any entry-level wine lover or wine nerd extremist,” says Cassandra Tondreault, sales and tasting assistant at Anchor & Hope. “It is female and veteran owned, with a concentration on sustainable and biodynamic products. There’s a constant rotation of 40 different wines on tap that are available for tasting every day, with an emphasis on their half-price happy hour on weekdays. Whether you’re looking for a $20 biodynamic Loire Valley wine or looking for some fun and funky Blaufränkisch, Savannah Wine Cellar is the most amazing place to go to shop, sip, [learn and have] lots of fun.”

Sprayberry Bottle Shop

Marietta, GA

“I’m a huge fan,” says Charlie Flint, vice president of operations at Filmland Spirits. “Sprayberry may not have the largest selection in town, but owner Brij Patel has done an exceptional job of curating a great selection of both excellent common wines, as well as harder to-find bottles. He even has a dedicated Facebook group for his wine-loving customers to discuss their favorite drinks and new releases.”

The Wine Project

Georgetown, KY

“[The Wine Project] is a hidden gem and a great place to find the perfect wine for any occasion,” says Susie Sgro, co-owner of Di Vino Fine Wines. “Real wine is art that is an expression of human ability to ebb and flow with nature’s provision, so it makes sense that The Wine Project is located in Meraki & Moon, a local boutique shop for artists. The owner, John Olsen, is glad to greet you and guide you to selecting the wine that fits your palate. What is unique about this boutique wine store is that John tastes and selects every wine that is in his store. He is always looking for interesting wines that will really appeal to his customers. Every wine has a story to be told, and he wants to share the story in order to connect his customers to the wines.”

Woodland Wine Merchant


“Woodland is legendary,” says Hardy Wallace, winemaker at Extradimensional Wine Co. in Napa. “From deep classics to the best avant-garde, Will and Woodland Wine Merchants have always been a place to celebrate wonder in wine.”

The Best Wine Shops in Texas

Lolo Wine

Austin, TX

Interior of Lolo Wine Shop
Image Courtesy of Lolo Wine Shop

“Lolo Wine is easily my favorite wine shop in East Austin,” says Will Ryan, a beverage professional. “It’s a shop and wine bar focusing on mostly natural wines. They hold events and bring in local DJs and musicians to play. The location is killer too, right next to a bunch of food trucks and great dives.”

Marfa Wine Co.

Marfa, TX

“[It’s] a tiny little wine shop filled with a great selection of natural, minimal intervention wines” says Briana Volk, owner of The Portland Hunt and Alpine Club. “You can buy bottles to go or hang on their patio and enjoy them as well.”

Sunrise Mini-Mart

Austin, TX

“I really love the fact that one of the best wine shops in Austin is in a random corner store north of the city simply because one person took it upon himself to make it happen,” says Gabriela Acero, owner of Wolfpeach. “It’s absolutely incredible. No fear, no concern about the ‘market’ or the “demographics” not aligning with natural wine or wild beers. It’s a powerful reminder of the simple humanity of beverage, and that anyone, anyplace can attain the knowledge to curate an incredible program. And furthermore, that anyone anywhere deserves to have access to these beautiful beverages.”

The Best Wine Shops in the Great Lakes

The Bottle Shop

Columbus, OH

“[The Bottle Shop] is great,” says Erika Dunyak. “They’ve got Doritos, bings, natural wine, and staff that really knows about the bottles. Now that I own a wine shop, I appreciate it even more. The other side is a tiki bar, but I’ve never been. On one occasion, I was wandering around and spent a bit of an afternoon there, leaving with a bottle of cold Keller I found in their absolutely packed fridges.”

Plum Market

Bloomfield, MI

“Plum Market is a small, regional, high-end grocery chain with an amazing wine program headed up by Madeline Triffon,” says Troy Shipman, sales specialist at Wölffer Estate Vineyard. “Madeline was the first American female master sommelier way back in the day. Plum Market is a fantastic place to buy wine in Michigan. Benchmark classics, allocated goodies, super new naturals, everything. Plum is a highly respected program to go work for, and their whole team is full of A-plus wine professionals.”

Red and White Wines


“The kindness and generosity of everyone at Red and White is truly amazing”, says Shaunt Oungoulian, winemaker at Les Lunes Wine. “Coupled with their championing of natural wine back when it needed championing, the shop has always meant a lot to me. Way back in 2011, when I knew even less than I do now, I randomly stopped in for a bottle to bring into the [BYOB] Costa Rican restaurant across the street. I was flabbergasted with the selection of unicorn natural wines that I had only been reading about, and they were all on the shelf. I left with a bottle of Susucaru #4 and was very, very happy.”

World Foods Market

Bloomington, IN

“I had the pleasure of living in Bloomington off and on for a year with my partner and immediately fell in love with World Foods Market,” says Lük Allen Wylde, winemaker at Lares Wines. “They had all of the international flavors a store with ‘world’ in the name should offer and a wine selection to match. It was also a big introduction to some non-vinifera offerings, some of which, like the Traminette from [nearby] Butler Winery & Vineyard became staples in the fridge.”

The Best Wine Shops in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and New York

Albert’s Market

Cambridge, MA

Madison Trapkin, editor and stylist at Food52, says her favorite shop is this low-key spot Cambridge’s Inman Square. “It’s part-corner store, part-natural wine shop, and despite the exactly zero frills they’ve got going on, they have one of the best natural wine selections in the Boston area, if not the best. There’s rarely anyone in there to ask for wine advice because the guy who buys the wine is the owner’s son, and the wine is his passion, not his day-to-day [job]. So, you have to trust the simple, handwritten descriptors on the shelves and hope for the best. I absolutely love it.”

Campus Wines

Providence, RI

“I visited Providence for the first time this weekend, and my host insisted we visited Campus Wines,” says Laura Staley, wine director at Row 34 in Boston. “It had all the wines that are hard to get, even for my restaurants in Massachusetts, and at great prices. Plus, the staff was a joy to geek out with.”

Celladora Wines

Richmond, VA

“Celladora is a few shelves of focused wines and a handful of high tops where Megan Lee Hopkins always has something different open to pour and discuss,” says Patrick Collins, winemaker at Patois Cider in Crozet, Virginia. “The shop is special in how it attracts industry energy. Other buyers might pick up shifts to showcase something they’re excited about, or playful chefs might run a one-night pairing menu out of its tiny kitchen. It’s a great space to hang out. There’s a huge old door, a high ceiling and a wall-spanning abstract mural from a painter friend, and you’re there with folks who clearly care about what they’re doing.”

Chambers Street Wines

New York City

“Chambers Street Wines not only has a variety of regions, but they have great staff and have built a local community of regular, curious and dedicated wine drinkers,” says Wink Lorch, a wine and travel writer. “They also welcome outsiders like me to visit. They constantly make new wine discoveries and never stand still.”

Daedalus Wine Shop

Burlington, VT

“Daedalus has a phenomenal selection of Old World wine, a lot of which I would love to be able to cellar,” says Briana Volk, co-owner of Hunt and Alpine in Portland, Maine. “Their staff is so sweet and informative that I always leave with something very exciting.”

Domestique Wine

Washington, D.C.

“‘Show me something new’ is my favorite way to shop [there],” says Tammy Gordon, public relations advisor at “They always have a great story behind each bottle and make wine more fun than stuffy wine stores. And their friendly, diverse owners and team make sure that everyone feels welcome, no matter where they are on their wine education journey.”

Friends and Family

Portland, ME

Interior of Friends and Family
Image Courtesy of Will Russell

“My pick for favorite local wine shop is an easy one,” says Margot Mazur, wine writer and educator at The Fizz. “Friends and Family is close to my heart. [It’s] a wine shop and bar in one. The space feels like hanging out in your friend’s living room. The bottle-adorned side wall has a selection that doesn’t feel overwhelming. Local bottles and far-away finds rarely if ever exceed [$50], and the descriptions make it easy to grab something off the shelf for the evening, or drink at the bar. I try not to miss their winemaker tasting events, where winemakers pour new bottles, and I invariably bump into friends from the neighborhood.”

Hanover Co-Op Food Store

Hanover, NH

“New Hampshire is one of 17 control states, so private wine shops have to source their inventory directly from the state, then compete with its 68 state-run retail outlets,” says Meg Maker, a wine writer, editor and founder of the Terroir Review. “Fortunately, [Hanover] is committed to slaking members’ thirst. The wine departments are small but robust, with thoughtfully curated selections of domestic and international wines, plus a smattering of small lot oddities, like biodynamic Austrian pink fizz and organic Vermont ice cider. It’s like a gourmet wine shop nestled within a friendly grocer, and member or not, anyone can shop.”

Harlem Wine Gallery

New York City

Harlem Wine Gallery
Image Courtesy of Harlem Wine Gallery

“I love [this place],” says Janice Nakisha Williams, senior staff writer at The Drop. “They’re big supporters of small producers and always have a well-rounded supply of classics, natural wines, wines by women, Black-owned wines [and] organic bottles—you name it. Added bonus: Owners Daneen and Pascal are sweet as pie.”

Lorne Wine

Biddeford, ME

“To me, Lorne Wine is the perfect neighborhood wine shop/wine bar,” says Paige Buehrer, manager at Leeward. “It’s right down the road from my apartment, so it helps that it’s super convenient. They carry a modest but varied and fresh, ever-renewing retail selection, with a bit of a heavier lean on California natural wine producers than other shops I’ve frequented. The folks who run the part-shop, part-bar are kind and unpretentious. They just want their customers to drink tasty things, whether that means a cold can of a local lager or a pricey bottle of Champagne for a special occasion. They seem to have something to suit anyone who stops in.”

Moore Brothers Wine Company

Pennsauken, NJ

“[Moore Brothers] is the true essence of New Jersey hospitality,” says Emily Schultz, a social media marketing manager at BentoBox. “[You’re] greeted by a friendly crew of staff, who could probably be related. . .with deep knowledge of the wines they bring in, sans pretension. They’ve got a solid selection of European wines that always impress for family holidays.”

Warner Public Market

Warner, NH

“[It’s] my favorite wine shop,” says Nicholas Kimberly, winegrower at NOK Vino in Concord, New Hampshire. “This shop is cooperatively owned by local farmers who believe in revitalizing the regional food economy. Warner Public Market is the first shop in the state to focus exclusively on natural wines and ciders from producers in New Hampshire and Vermont, and [it] hosts monthly wine and cheese tastings, highlighting new bottles and artisan cheeses from local producers.”

Wilder Wines

Burlington, VT

“I love shopping [here],” says David Dolginow, co-founder of Shacksbury Cider. “The owner, Sipha [Lam], has put together a great selection of natural wines at amazing price points, which speaks to me on all levels. On my last visit, I needed a couple of wines to impress my in-laws, and she made the perfect recommendations.”

Best Wine Shops in the Northwest Pacific and California

Bottle Barn

Santa Rosa, CA

Interior of Bottle Barn
Image Courtesy of Bottle Barn

“Within the first few days of moving to Healdsburg, California, after asking for wine shop recommendations, everyone had the same passionate response: Bottle Barn,” says Lindsay Perry, a wine educator. “Within 10 minutes of my first visit to this warehouse that’s tucked away in Santa Rosa, I felt like a kid in a candy store. They have hundreds of wines from almost every region you could think of, all within a variety of price points—heaven to any wine lover who is looking to expand their palate without breaking the bank. My favorite part about this store is that I can always find a rare gem to open as a fun conversation starter with friends.”

Great Wine Buys

Portland, OR

“Great Wine Buys (GWB) is Portland’s oldest independently owned wine shop, established in 1984,” says Chevonne Ball, founder of Dirty Radish Travel Company. “With a deeply curated selection of wines from around the world and a hefty list of exceptionally crafted, hard-to-find wines from the Great Pacific Northwest, GWB is my favorite neighborhood shop. These guys have incredible palates and a depth of knowledge that you can trust.”



“We live in Washington these days, and it has been such a pleasure watching the natural wine scene develop since we moved in 2019,” says Tess Bryant, winemaker at Piquenique Wines.

“In our closest city of Seattle, Tom at DeLaurenti is quietly leading the charge. It would be super easy to dumb things down and cater solely to the tourist crowd at their busy Pike Place Market location. But Tom always stocks impressive and hard-to-find natural wines, ciders and beers from both the local scene and hard-to-get import portfolios from across the country.”

Good Luck Wine Shop

Pasadena, CA

“Good Luck Wine Shop is a small, family-run shop that stocks some of my favorite natural wines,” says LaShea Delaney, a wine rep with Sacred Thirst Selections. “The people that work there are informative, kind and always quick with a recommendation. The shop was actually supposed to open during the direst days of the pandemic, so they pivoted to delivery before the shop was finally able to open. The owners, Kate and Adam Vourvoulis, are also making their own natural wine there. The space has a small tasting room that just opened.”

La Bodega


“It’s a modest but quite smart selection of wines from around the world,” says Elaine Chukan Brown, a wine writer and educator. “It has surprised me with some of my favorite wineries from Oregon and Washington, and even a few selections from South Africa or Chile that are even hard to find in California. And I can always find a good sparkling wine or two, too. The craft beer selection is also fun.”

Molly’s Bottle Shop


Close up on bottles resting on a table at Molly's Bottle Shop
Image Courtesy of Xavi Plascensia

“As a former Seattle wine geek, [Molly’s is] my favorite shop in the city,” says Margot Mazur, a wine writer and educator at The Fizz. “[It] stocks interesting and unique wines from around the world, leaning toward organic and biodynamic options, and hosts different community events that bring me closer to new friends and neighbors. And isn’t that what wine is all about?”

Pairings PDX

Portland, OR

“Pairings PDX is possibly the most fun and engaging wine shop I have ever encountered,” says Bree Stock, winemaker at Limited Addition Wines. “They take all the stuffiness out of wine, pairing wines with zodiac signs, episodes of Seinfeld and characters from movies and books. It’s always a delight to visit Jeff and his team at Pairings. They focus on organic sourced wines and have a fantastic Oregon and beyond selection of producers.”

Kermit Lynch Wine Merchant

Berkeley, CA

“While it’s tough to pick favorites, I have to give credit to [Kermit Lynch],” says James Jelks, winemaker at Florèz Wines. “Kermit Lynch curates a selection of French and Italian wines with near infallible terroir and regional character, which is so important to a foundation in wine. Their wines were critical in my own education, and while there are brilliant wines from all over the world, it’s useful to start with a focus.”

Wailea Wine

Maui, HI

“Wailea Wine is the best boutique wine shop,” says Yeshua Goodman, an advanced sommelier and founder of Kiawe Outdoor. “Ed and Nicole [Beaurline] make everyone feel like family. They carry all the eclectic and great producers of wine from all over the world and can always find the exact bottle you’re looking for, even if you don’t know what that bottle is. A hidden gem in Wailea and worth the trek from any part of the island.”

The Best Wine Shops in the Midwest

1010 Washington Wine and Spirits

Minneapolis, Minnesota

“I’m always a fan of having variation amongst price points, grapes, wine styles and regions when it comes to shopping for wine,” says Leslee D. Miller, owner of Amusée. “Minneapolis does a great job giving buyers a number of shops to choose from. I’m a fan of 1010 Washington Wine and Spirits, located in downtown Minneapolis. From their rosé section to their reds and whites, you can always find an interesting array of grapes, styles and regions at really competitive price points within the store. That’s where I shop when I’m looking for the perfect wine to gift or sip!”

Bayside C-Store and Liquor

Mandan, North Dakota

“Bayside Liquor Store in Mandan is a super small store, but the owner brings in a lot of unusual bottles not seen in the Midwest,” says Stephanie Miller, owner of Butterhorn Restaurant. “Every bottle is intentional and thoughtfully chosen. They host holiday parties, charity events and recommend food pairings for their bottles. In true ND fashion, there’s a gas station attached.”

Big Mood Natural Wines

Kansas City, Missouri

Big Mood Natural Wines Interior
Image Courtesy of Pilsen Photo Co-Op

“I’m grateful that Big Mood has opened and prospered in the Kansas City market,” says Doug Frost, Master Sommelier, and co-founder of Echolands Winery. “It answers a vibrant need among the passionate adopters of smaller and more sustainably crafted wines. It’s not a niche, though it is often viewed as such. It’s an answer to an entire younger generation of wine drinkers.”


Lincoln, Nebraska

Bin105 wine shop interior
Image Courtesy of Keith Miles

“To me, the best wine shop in Nebraska is Bin105 in Lincoln’s Haymarket District,” says Rachel McGill, chef and owner of Dish Downtown. “The selection is thoughtful, diverse and affordable. It’s a small shop that is really well-curated and has a great atmosphere for shopping or hanging out with a glass of wine and some charcuterie.”

The Cave DSM

Des Moines, Iowa

The Cave DSM interior
Image Courtesy of Joey Leaming

“Drawing inspiration from worldly travels, Nick and Heather Leo managed in a very short time to create an oasis for a different kind of wine shop, not just in Des Moines and Iowa, but regionally,” says Frederique Boudouani, owner of Abu Nawas Beverage Co. “The Cave DSM has turned into a gem for anyone interested in low intervention wines cultivated and produced by artisans stateside and from around the world. As a bonus, the shop is also an intimate venue for an eclectic live music scene in Des Moines.”

Gist Wine Shop

Sioux Falls, South Dakota

interior of Gist wine shop
Image Courtesy of Pickthorn Photography

“Gist Wine Shop provides thoughtfully curated wine selections in South Dakota’s largest city,” says Amy Waller, sommelier at France 44 Wines and Spirits. “In a town that’s full of grocery store wine, this little shop is looking for quality, care and intention in the bottles they select.”

Rimann Liquors

Prairie Village Kansas

“Rimann Liquors of Prairie Village is my favorite wine shop in Kansas, if I had to choose just one,” says Shane Patton, sales at Classique Wine and Spirits. “In working as a sales rep for three years across the state of Kansas, Rimann had one of the most helpful, friendly staffs I’ve encountered. They have a beautiful store with a great selection and play awesome music. They do have a particular eye for trendy things, but they always have a well-rounded representation of the classic wine regions as well. There’s something from everywhere and something for everyone.”

Square Wine Company

Madison, WI

Square Wine Company Interior
Image Courtesy of Alex Michl

“Before Andrea Hillsey opened Square Wine Company, she worked her way through the industry in restaurants and wine shops (including Madison’s beloved Steve’s), and even managed to work a harvest at Chehalem winery in Oregon,” says Erin Rasmussen, winemaker at American Wine Project. “Since opening, Andrea has curated a brilliant selection of everyday bottles and hard-to-find gems, and she focuses on small, independent producers. I especially love her weekly Instagram live tasting sessions (occasionally interrupted by an errant dachshund) and her “you’re pouring what?!” section on her BTG list.”

Zipps Liquors

Minneapolis, Minnesota

“On the other side of Minneapolis, very close to St. Paul lies Zipps,” says Jill Mott, sommelier. “They’ve always had a well procured selection of wines, both low intervention and more classic styles and have opted to give slightly lesser-known regions a chance (ie: Eastern Europe, etc.) for over ten years. They also have one of the best beer selections in town.”

The Best Wine Shops in the Mountain Region


Moose, Wyoming

“My favorite wine shop in Jackson Hole is Dornan’s, located within the boundaries of Grand Teton National Park in Moose, Wyoming,” says Dave Hemphill, wine and beverage director at Snake River Grill. “Dornan’s has been in business for several decades and has an impressive selection with great focus on but not limited to France and California. Not only are current vintages offered, but they have an extensive cellar where they hold multiple back vintages of numerous selections. They regularly have wine dinners sometimes featuring some of these wines that they have held back for 10 years. Not only is the shop itself impressive, but the location is equally stunning. They have one of the best views of the Teton mountain range that you will find.”

The Boulder Wine Merchant

Boulder, Colorado

“I’m a huge fan of The Boulder Wine Merchant,” says Carlton McCoy, Master Sommelier and CEO of Heitz Cellar. “It was started by a couple of old school Master Sommeliers years ago, then they sold it to Brett Zimmerman who is also an MS. The team is highly knowledgeable and most have hospitality background, so the customer service is exceptional!”

Mondo Vino

Denver, Colorado

Mondo Vino interior
Image Courtesy of Mondo Vino

In Denver, I love what they do at Mondovino,” says Bobby Stuckey, master sommelier and partner at Frasca Food and Wine. “They cover all the bases—they put their feet in both camps really well. If you want to find something funky in the natural wine area, they have a whole buying team for that. If you’re interested in classics like Ravenau or great Chablis, great standard-bearers, they have that for you too.”

Tea Zaanti

Salt Lake City Utah

Tea Zaanti Exterior
Image Courtesy of Tea Zaanti

“In Utah, all wine, beer, and liquor over 5% are only to be bought in state-run liquor stores,” says Claudia Gebhardt, founder of The Social Pour Magazine. “That’s why I love supporting small wine bars, like Tea Zaanti, where you can enjoy a glass and take the rest to go! The owners of Tea Zaanti originally opened this cute European-style cafe just serving tea but is now known as the only tea and wine bar in the heart of Sugarhouse in Salt Lake City. If you are looking for a fun, relaxing place with the most perfect patio to enjoy a glass of wine (or bottle), I highly recommend checking them out! They have Utah’s best selection of small-produced wines, as well as women-owned wines.”