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Become a Wine Tycoon Running a Virtual Vineyard

At some point or another, wine lovers contemplate the dream of owning their own vineyard and/or winery. Unfortunately, the means for such an expensive undertaking remain elusive to most, and notions of vineyard ownership are left to the realm of fantasy. However, now you can now get a taste of the château life digitally, via winery simulation video game, Terroir.

This virtual vineyard game from General Interactive Co, VentureBeat reports, is the product of Creative Director Mark Fillion’s fascination with wine.

“I quickly realized there wasn’t a winemaking tycoon video game that was popularly known or in the mainstream. I knew right away that’s what I wanted to do—I wanted to make a video game that put players in charge of their own vineyard.”

Terroir wine video game screen shot.
Photo courtesy General Interactive Co.

Terroir gamers can purchase land, peruse soil types and, after picking ripe grapes, even decide how to crush/ press and barrel-age their wine.

And it’s not all fun and games. “We’re getting emails from educational institutions asking if they could use Terroir in their oenology classes,” Fillion says.

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