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12 Champagnes Under $100

Top-tier Champagne can regularly reach into the hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. Needless to say, when money is no object, finding a great bottle of the sparkling wine at specialty shops is easy.

But if you’re looking for something more budget-friendly, a bottle that you can find at any regular wine store, you can still find top-quality Champagne. We searched through our Buying Guide for reviews of a dozen of the best-selling Champagne bottles. The best part? All are under $100, with the most expensive clocking in at only $84.

Laurent-Perrier NV Ultra Brut (Champagne); $80, 93 points. This blend of 55% Chardonnay and 45% Pinot Noir is certainly dry. It is also packed with ripe fruits that balance the dryness. With its acidity and taut mineral texture, the wine is intense and concentrated. This bottling needs to age a few months, so hold until 2019. Laurent-Perrier US. —Roger Voss

Henriot NV Blanc de Blancs Brut (Champagne); $68, 92 points. The Henriot style goes for mature Champagnes, both with reserve wines and with a base of an older vintage. This wine, based on the 2008 vintage, is no exception. It has a toasty character, mineral and zesty texture, and layers of attractive acidity. It’s crisp, yeasty and ready to drink. Maisons and Domaines Henriot. —R.V.

Pol Roger NV Pure Extra Brut (Champagne); $84, 92 points. This producer gives this style of bone-dry Champagne just the right bottle aging to allow it soften and fill out with ripe fruit. Of course, it still has crispness as well as a tight mineral texture. Together with the fruit, the elements are balanced, right in place, giving a wine that is ready to drink. Frederick Wildman & Sons, Ltd. –R.V.

Pommery NV Brut Apanage (Champagne); $50, 91 points. This bottling has some age to it, giving a toasty wine with a crisp texture. Nearly four years before disgorging has given it a mature sheen that has balanced the ripe fruit and enhanced a more mineral element. Drink now. Vranken Pommery America. –R.V.

Lanson NV Black Label Brut (Champagne); $45, 90 points. Lanson’s big seller remains crisp and fruity, with a tight, bright character and a mineral texture. Without any malolactic fermentation, the wine retains freshness and delicious acidity. Drink now. Lanson International Americas Ltd. –R.V.

Canard-Duchêne NV Léonie Brut (Champagne); $33, 89 points. Named after Léonie Duchêne, who created this producer, this wine is crisp and drier than most from the house. With taut minerality as well as some weight, it is made mainly from red grapes. Drink this bottling now. Thiénot USA. –R.V.

Moët & Chandon NV Brut Impérial (Champagne); $40, 89 points. Well balanced, this Champagne, even with its enormous production, remains a benchmark and is always enjoyable. In this bottling, ripe white fruit is cut with citrus, with an edge of toastiness that gives complexity. Drink now. Moët Hennessy USA. –R.V.

Perrier Jouët NV Grand Brut (Champagne); $48, 89 points. Smooth and soft, this wine has richness and a good balance between ripe white fruits and a zesty, mineral texture. Like all good nonvintage cuvées, it is ready to drink. Pernod Ricard. –R.V.

Taittinger NV Prestige Rosé Brut (Champagne); $36, 88 points. A lively mousse gives this wine an immediately ebullient character. Add to that the soft raspberry flavors, and the wine is a real charmer. Fruity and ripe, it is balanced with just the right acidity to support the fine fruitiness. Drink now. Kobrand. –R.V.

G. H. Mumm NV Grand Cordon Brut (Champagne); $45, 88 points. This popular brand of Champagne is ripe, soft and very drinkable. Its fruitiness, with apple flavors lifted by lemon, is well judged, giving richness and plenty of freshness at the end. Drink now. Pernod Ricard. –R.V.

Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin NV Yellow Label Brut (Champagne); $49, 88 points. The ubiquitous Yellow Label follows the house style of the producer with richness and a soft texture. These are balanced by plenty of acidity that gives the wine an immediately attractive character, ripe and fruity while also crisp. Drink now. Moët Hennessy USA. –R.V.

Nicolas Feuillatte NV Brut (Champagne); $36, 87 points. This soft wine is yeasty with a strong bubbly mousse. It is balanced, moving towards the sweet end of Brut although with plenty of apple acidity to keep it crisp. Drink the wine now. Ste. Michelle Wine Estates. –R.V.