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Tour the World with These International Snacks and Drinks

You know the adage “what grows together, goes together,” but as it turns out, things stocked on nearby shelves can make a fine pairing, too. These treats from around the globe are readily available in grocery stores throughout the States, but when paired with the right bottle, they’ll transport you.

Stoopwafels / Photo by Meg Baggott


Stroopwafels & Genever

A stroopwafel, or “syrup waffle,” hails from Edam. This waffled cookie sandwich has a caramel-like filling. Traditionally, it’s placed atop a cup coffee to warm the inside and make it ooey gooey. That sounds lovely, but if you want something stronger, reach for genever. This malty predecessor to gin is infused with juniper and other botanicals. It has a hint of sweetness that stands up well to the creamy syrup inside the stroopwafel, and the herbal overtones add a lift.


Tim Tam.
Tim Tam / Photo by Meg Baggott

Tim Tam & Campbells NV Tokay (Rutherglen)

Tim Tams are cream-filled, crunchy biscuit sandwiches coated in chocolate. They’re a classic snack that’s produced by a variety of brands. Think of them as a sort of dessert take on biscuits-and-gravy, in that they’re unabashedly rich and over the top. Wines from Rutherglen are also known for their richness, both in flavor and price, but this Tokay is a steal at $17. Its citrus-marmalade flavors are a perfect contrast for the Tim Tam’s chocolaty surface, while the sweetness of the wine matches that of the cookie.

Takis / Photo by Meg Baggott


Takis & Don Amado Añejo Mezcal

These rolled corn chips look like little enchiladas and have a massive cult following. Takis are produced in four flavors that pack varying levels of heat. Try out Fuego (chile pepper and lemon), Salsa Brava (hot sauce), Takis Nitro (habanero chile and lime) and Crunchy Fajita (mild taco)—any of which would pair well with this mezcal. Aged 18–24 months in brandy casks, Don Amado Añejo delivers dessert-like custard flavors with a hint of smoke. The salt and heat of the snack plus the mezcal’s rich smokiness make a perfect combo.


Kashmiri Mixture & Sula 2014 Dindori Reserve Shiraz (Nashik)

Kasmiri Mixture.
Kashmiri Mixture / Photo by Meg Baggott

Think of this as the Chex Mix of India: It’s a crunchy, savory combination of fried mung beans with potato sticks, cashews, muskmelon seeds and spices. Haldiram’s Kashmiri mixture is a popular brand, but you might want to try a few and find your favorite. With such powerful flavors, you’ll want to pour an equally powerful red wine—try the Sula Dindori Reserve Shiraz. The characteristic spiciness of the Shiraz grape and the smokiness of this iteration mirror the intense flavors in the snack mix.

Turkish Delights.
Turkish Delights / Photo by Meg Baggott


Turkish Delight & Vinkara 2014 Yasasin Kalecik Karasi (Ankara)

No need to travel to Narnia (or even Turkey) to find these soft, sugary cubes of gelatin that are often flavored with rosewater and studded with chopped dates, pistachios, hazelnuts or walnuts—they’re commonly available in specialty stores. Vinkara’s zesty Turkish sparkling red wine offers a transportive pairing; its floral and fruity characteristics enhance similar notes in the candy, while the wine’s acidity keeps it from feeling cloying.

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