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Move Over, Budweiser: Super Bowl 2023 Has Tons of Booze Ads 

While some tuned into Super Bowl XLVII to cheer on the Kansas City Chiefs or the Philadelphia Eagles, others were excited for the excuse to dig into an endless array of chips, dips and wings. As for the rest of us? We were there for the commercials. (Have you seen our favorite Super Bowl commercials of all time?)

This year was especially exciting for beer and spirits lovers: Anheuser-Busch InBev—which owns brands including Budweiser, Michelob Ultra and Busch—ended its 30-plus-year exclusive advertising sponsorship of the big game. Other booze brands elbowed in, and the ads are worth talking about.

Though there were still plenty of Anheuser-Busch InBev ads in the commercial lineup (with three minutes of airtime), viewers got the chance to see ads from other players in the drinks space, including Heineken, Coors Light and more.  

Below, we break down the booze ads from Sunday’s game. We hope you enjoyed them while sipping on a classy Super Bowl cocktail or paired them with wine and your favorite Super Bowl foods.

The Best Boozy Commercials of Super Bowl 2023

Rémy Martin 

In this inspiring commercial Serena Williams is front and center as she gives a pep talk to a locker room of athletes about achieving success as a team. From football, dance, cooking and more, Williams encourages every kind of person to support their teammates. Though Rémy Martin Cognac doesn’t necessarily play a huge role in the minute-long video, we walk away pumped up for our next big challenge.

Michelob Ultra

Speaking of Williams, you can also find her (along with a slew of other stars) golfing at the Bushwood Country Club’s new members day. In the above spot, a Michelob Ultra-fueled spoof of the cult comedy Caddyshack, you’ll also see Succession’s Brian Cox, basketball stars Jimmy Butler and Nneka Ogwumike, soccer hotshot Alex Morgan, boxer Canelo Alvarez and footballer Tony Romo.

In a second version of their commercial, Michelob ULTRA partnered with Netflix to promote their new series Full Swing. Golfer Rickie Fowler along with Morgan and Romo got a sneak peek at the show while sipping beer on the golf course.


Instead of placing celebrities front and center, Budweiser showcased everyday people who crack open a cold one (though Kevin Bacon still narrates). The commercial aims to connect everyone through beer, and we’re here for it. 

Busch Light 

In the above spot, viewers are introduced to The Busch Guide, a fictional survival skills book written by “Busch Guy.” It advises anyone in the outdoors to ensure they have food, shelter and drinks—meaning Busch beer, of course. Surprisingly, Sarah McLachlan appears from a tent alongside a CGI wolf. Her famous song “In the Arms of an Angel” (yes, the one from all those ASPCA commercials) plays in the background.

In fact, she begins her introduction as if she actually is in one of those commercials (we’re still watching a beer commercial—right?) But don’t worry, Busch Guy quickly cuts her off, hilariously cracking open a beer.  

Crown Royal 

There are a few versions of this commercial online, but they all celebrate Canada. In it, rocker Dave Grohl spends a full minute thanking Canada for all the things in life we love, including football, peanut butter, Hawaiian Pizza and more. Oh, and Crown Royal.

Bud Light  

In what may be the most relatable commercial, Miles Teller and his wife Keleigh Sperry Teller are waiting on hold for a customer service representative. They head to the fridge to help make time pass. A hold music-fueled dance party ensues, beers included.


Fans of Heineken have had this commercial on their radar for a few weeks. It stars Paul Rudd as his character from Marvel Studio’s Ant Man, casually sipping on a beer. The plot twist? It’s alcohol-free.

Dogfish Head

For the first time, Dogfish Head advertised its beer in the coastal Delaware markets during the big game. Priding itself as “one of the year’s smallest ad buys,” the beer brand aimed to poke fun at the traditional marketing of the Super Bowl. The brand’s founder and brewer, Sam Calagione, took center stage as he played Electric Football (which the brand has a longtime relationship with).

Sam Adams

Sam Adams wants everyone to imagine a “brighter” Boston. Airing in six markets across New York, Phoenix, Cincinnati, Philadelphia, Atlanta and Boston, the brand aimed to flip the city’s stereotypes hilariously on its head. In vignettes scattered across Boston and cameos from comedian Lenny Clarke and former Boston Celtics player Kevin Garnett, it’s the nicest we’ve ever seen the city.

Miller Lite, Coors Light and Blue Moon

In what seemed like an effort to get as many beers into one commercial, Miller Light, Coors Light and Blue Moon got their first Super Bowl ad in 30 years. In a highly choreographed bar fight, a fan of Miller Light and Coors Light battle it out to get the commercial spotlight, until a Blue Moon representative pops in to let viewers know they’re actually watching a Blue Moon ad.

Be sure to check back as we continue to update this page with new ads.

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