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Sam Adams’ Utopias, Yours for the Price of 120 Bottles of Boston Lager

Limited-edition beer Utopias is released by Sam Adams every two years. The going rate for this highly sought-after brew? $199 before tax.

But what is it that makes this beer so expensive?

To start, Utopias contains beer older than many of those who can legally enjoy it, with part of the blend made up of beer aged for 24 years. Also included in the blend are beer samples aged in former Aquavit barrels, and others seasoned in Moscat wine barrels.

This brew’s alcohol by volume (abv) is 28%, or more than five times higher than the abv of Sam Adams’ signature Boston Lager. Because of this, it’s illegal to sell Utopias in 15 states. The brewers are able to get such a high abv by using multiple types of yeast, including a variety intended for Champagne production, and a “ninja” strain that is able to remain active even at high alcohol levels.

Multiple malts and three types of hops are also mixed into the brew, making this a non-carbonated beer to be enjoyed…slowly.

Sam Adams only released 13,000 of these bottles when the line debuted late last year, but some specialty online retailers still have stock if you’re bold enough to track some down.

Whether or not you are looking to try this limited-edition bottle, Here’s Eight Tips for Becoming a Better Beer Drinker.

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