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How to Turn a 1,790 Pound Pumpkin into a Keg

There were many attractions at the 13th annual Great Pumpkin Beer Festival, but none bigger than a keg carved from a 1,790 pound pumpkin. It was created by Seattle’s Elysian Brewing Company, who sourced their giant pumpkin from a local farmer that grows them specifically for the brewery’s annual organic keg tradition. According to Dan-o Beyer, cellarmaster at Elysian, the pumpkin held and served around four kegs, or 250 gallons of beer.

Creating a keg out of a pumpkin this size takes many tools, not the least of which is a forklift just to move the squash, reports Modern Farmer. After the pumpkin is lifted into place the team uses a Sawzall, drill and cutting torch just to create a lid, which itself can weigh up to 80 pounds. Once the lid is removed, a brave volunteer goes headfirst into the pumpkin to scrape out 15 to 20 pounds of pumpkin guts. Afterward the inside is blowtorched to temper what would otherwise be an overwhelming raw pumpkin taste.

Carving the Pumpkin Keg at Elysian Brewing
Photo by Brady Mickelson / Elysian Brewing Company

Creating your own keg from a regular-size pumpkin isn’t nearly as hard. Simply cut of the top, scrape out the insides, cut a hole a few inches of base to insert the tap, test to make sure the final product is watertight and then fill it with beer. If you’re in the mood to give this festive centerpiece a try, the American Homebrewers Association has an in-depth guide.

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Tapping the pumpkin keg created by Elysian Brewing.
Photo by Brady Mickelson / Elysian Brewing Company