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Six Places to Try Negroni-Inspired Food in New York City

Leave it to New York to reimagine the Negroni, that classic aperitivo of gin, Campari and sweet vermouth often garnished with an orange slice, as something good to eat.

All this is happening just in time for Negroni Week, of course. This annual celebration of the cocktail doubles as a fundraiser for various charities. From June 5–11 (and in some cases, beyond), here’s where to get an edible Negroni fix.

Negroni Pop Tarts at Butter & Scotch

If anyone can combine booze and baked goods, it’s this Crown Heights bar-bakery hybrid. Their tart rendition of the iconic toaster pastry is filled with “Negroni custard” and topped with an orange and Campari icing. And sprinkles, of course.


Negroni Donuts Doughnut Project
Negronuts / Photo courtesy The Doughnut Project

Negronuts at The Doughnut Project

Here’s your next sugar high: donuts filled with Carpano Antica (sweet vermouth) whipped cream, plus a pink Campari glaze and a dollop of orange compote.

Negroni Sundae Nice Matin
Negroni Sundae / Nice Matin / Photo by Maeve Jopson

Negroni Sundae at Nice Matin

The chill French bistro has put together a cocktail-lover’s sundae: gin-flavored ice cream with a sweet vermouth caramel drizzle, a few drops of sweet vermouth and finished with Campari “dust.”

Negroni Waffle Horny Ram
Negroni Pony Waffle / Photo courtesy The Horny Ram

Negroni Pony Waffle + Cocktail at The Horny Ram

For those obsessed with the rainbow food trend, here’s an orange-flavored rainbow waffle relevant to your interests. Will be served only during weekend brunch (June 10-11) during Negroni Week, paired with a Negroni, natch.

Negroni Ring Dings Duane Park
Negroni Ring Dings / Photo courtesy Duane Park Patisserie

Negroni Ring Dings at Duane Park Patisserie

Remember these from your childhood? So does this Tribeca bakery. Riffing on the classic made by Drake’s Cakes, inside an orange-flavored chocolate shell you’ll find a Campari cream filling sandwiched between cake layers flavored with gin and sweet vermouth.

Negroni Chicken Nuggets Nugget Spot
Negroni Nuggets/ Photo courtesy The Nugget Spot

Negroni Nuggets at The Nugget Spot

Not every treat needs to be sweet. This East Village fast-food-style spot will be serving up lightly battered chicken nuggets with a Negroni-inspired glaze, garnished with orange peel and fresh mint.

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