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The Best Non-Alcoholic Bottle Shops in America, According to the Pros

The geographical designations used in this piece were based on those determined by the James Beard Foundation.

​​​​​Before 2020, American consumers would be hard-pressed to find a shop specializing in non-alcoholic (NA) options. But after Spirited Away, which claims to be the first NA bottle shop in the U.S., was established in New York City in 2020, similar establishments opened in cities across the country.

The uptick is arguably good business: Between August of 2021 and 2022, Nielsen IQ reports that total U.S. sales of NA drinks hit $395 million, which translates to a staggering year-on-year growth of 20.6%. Certainly, modern zero-proof drinks are increasingly attractive, offering complex flavor profiles and hip packaging.


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But many non-alcoholic bottle shops do more than sell zero-proof products, serving in addition as places for like-minded people to congregate and socialize sans alcohol. These shops frequently foster community through events, which often include tastings, mocktail-making classes with professional bartenders, book readings and more.

Whether you’re dipping a toe into the NA scene or just want to see what all the fuss is about, here are the NA shops worth your attention. From sea to shining sea, these operations either focus solely on NA options or offer exceptional NA selections alongside a larger range of products.

Explore Non-Alcoholic Bottle Shops by Region:

Great Lakes

Bendicion Dry Bar

Chicago, Illinois

“What I love about Bendicion is that it’s not just a bottle shop, it’s also a community hub,” says Sam Bail, founder of NA Third Place Bar. “They’re really passionate about providing an alcohol-free space for the neighborhood.”

The spot also hosts events almost every day of the week, ranging from life drawing to crafting experiences and live performances. “Cristina​ [Torres]​, the owner, personally selects everything in the store and only stocks high-quality products,” Bail adds.

Generation NA

Lafayette, Indianna

“Once I arrived at Generation NA, I discovered the gold standard for NA shops,” says Deb Podlogar, host of the Thriving Alcohol-Free with Mocktail Mom podcast. Here, non-alcoholic wines take center stage with nearly 50 options.

“I felt like a kid in a candy store, no longer needing to navigate through numerous alcohol-filled aisles to find the non-alcoholic section tucked away at the back,” Podlogar says.

Image Courtesy of Hofrichter Creative / Abby Hofrichter

The Bottle Shop by Ghostlight

Dayton, Ohio

What do you get when you combine a bottle shop with a coffee shop? Happy customers.

“Bottle Shop by Ghostlight packs a one-two punch: a non-alcoholic bottle shop on one side, and a café on the other side,” says Molly Flynn, a non-alcoholic​​ home bartender and content creator. “The cafe is cozy, chic, welcoming and goes a step beyond the norm by offering craft NA cocktails in addition to the usual coffee beverages.”

Flynn says the shop is small but mighty, boasting a selection of NA whiskey, mezcal, amaro, gin, wine, bitters, canned cocktails and mixers, along with botanical distillates and other non-analogue spirits. “I especially appreciated the station where you could build your own mix-n-match six pack of [NA] beer,” she says.

The Midwest

Image Courtesy of Inmoxicated


Racine, Wisconsin

“Inmoxicated has everything you know and love about a Wisconsin tavern,” says Heather Lowe, founder of Ditched the Drink, which offers sobriety coaching and online courses. “[It] has a dark modest interior, back walls lined with video games and only one seating option—belly up to the bar, along with everyone else. Because the minute you walk in, you’re local, even if you’re not.”

Owner Shannon Goodman takes NA drinks very seriously, offering hand-crafted alcohol-free cocktails like a smoky old fashioned—torch flame included—and a white Russian made with vanilla alcohol-free vodka.

“Premium options would be reason enough to visit Inmoxicated, but the opportunity to connect with others and normalize a non-drinking lifestyle is reason to stay,” says Lowe.

Marigold interior store
Image Courtesy of Kadi Kaelin


Minneapolis, ​Minnesota​​

This combination hair salon and NA bottle shop is “busy most of the time,” says Cate Faulkner, cofounder of Zero Proof Collective, based in Minneapolis. Once you’ve gotten your locks coiffed at the salon space, Honeycomb, pop next door to Marigold, where “the staff is knowledgeable and helps their customers select something that is enjoyable and pairs well with food.”

Faulkner notes that the great service stems from a deep understanding of the beverage industry. “With her many years of experience in the wine and restaurant business, Marigold’s manager, Lara Valente, and owner, Erin Flavin, stock a variety of NA wines that please their customers and also support local NA winemakers,” she says.

HoneyBee Sage Apothecary

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

“This lounge is a breath of fresh air,” says Nicole Nettell, an alcohol-free advocate in Milwaukee. “Inside, you’ll find a spacious, modern retail area with a bar and plenty of cozy seating. Shop a massive collection of herbs and medicinal herbal teas, or sample them in a cocktail. You’ll [also] find popular sober-friendly bottles.”

Founder Angela Mallett is welcoming and enjoys educating customers on wellness and alcohol-free living, Nettell adds. HoneyBee also partners with over ten passionate local creatives and healers to promote the power of community healing.

If you aren’t sure what you are looking for, beverage-wise, Nettell says the shop will offer customers samples or make a NA cocktail using the products in question. “Browse a long list of alcohol-free craft cocktails like The Pollinator and Day Dreamer, or try a Signature Herbal Infusion,” she says. “All HoneyBee drinks can be made to go, but they also carry ready-to-drink [can and bottle] options.”

Mountain Region

Cuiosity Bottle Shop
Image Courtesy of Jackelin Slack Photography


Salt Lake City, Utah

“Curiosity has completely set the tone for non-alcoholic options in Salt Lake City,” says Paige Boner, host of the It’s Hard podcast, which explores sobriety. “Their space is inclusive, stylish and fun. They have a wide variety of options when it comes to NA beverage brands, and they make craft cocktails that you can enjoy at their space.”

Not only is there an abundance of NA beverages, the owners ​​​​host fun events,” says Boner, including ​tarot and poetry nights. ​“They are creating a space where sober people feel seen and welcome. They have always shared that they want people who don’t drink alcohol to still enjoy craft cocktails and a social space.”

WB Eatery interior
Image Courtesy of WB Eatery

WB’s Eatery

Ogden, Utah

Founders Vivi and Amy Wanderley-Britt run this woman-powered, LGBTQI+-friendly, Latino-owned restaurant, which is also home to Utah’s first boutique dry bottle shop. Diners have access to an inclusive menu of alcoholic and non-alcoholic offerings (including NA cocktails and zero-proof wines), plus a menu that includes gluten-free and vegetarian options in addition to meat-forward fare. Check the calendar beforehand if you want to snag a table during the restaurant’s drag brunch, DJ brunch and pole dancing performances. Online, the shop sells a bevy of non-alcoholic cocktail kits should patrons want to muddle, mix and stir in the comfort of their own homes.

Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and New York

​​​Lantman’s Market

Hinesburg, Vermont

“In Vermont you can only buy spirits at the state VT802 stores, so non-alcoholic spirits [can] be found in markets or gift stores,” says Laura Sorkin, co-owner of Runamok, a maple-based cocktail mixers and bitters company. “Lantman’s is a locally owned market that has farm-fresh veggies and meat as well as groceries. They carry a good selection of cocktail mixers. If you are looking to shop for the whole dinner party—sans liquor—you can find everything you need there.”

The Boston Shaker

Somerville, Massachusetts

​​​“The Boston Shaker gives everyone the tools to feel like an expert mixologist,” says Abbie Romanrul, founder of Raising the Bar, an NA cocktail subscription box. “This shop has anything you need to craft a well-made, zero-proof cocktail. The array of zero-proof options at the Boston Shaker is extensive and varied, ranging from high-quality alcohol alternatives to trendy aperitifs and mixers.”

Romanrul notes that there are 500-plus products (including barware and tools) for sale at the store, all personally tested by employees. “If you’re not sure where to start with all of those choices, the staff is a great resource,” she says. “They can give you detailed and accurate recommendations based on your cocktail needs.”

Stella’s Fine Market

Beacon, New York

“Stella’s Fine Market is the cutest little grocery and NA bottle shop, with a unique selection of products and a retro Smeg fridge stocked with cold beverages for on-the-go patrons,” says Meg Fee, a sober content creator. “The store is tucked away on Main Street in the village of Beacon, about an hour north of Manhattan. ​​​​[Nikki​ Hayes​], the owner, is so sweet and helpful in recommending products for me to try.”

Fee adds that Stella’s holds events in-store and recently launched a new dry bar cart, which people can rent for personal, private events and parties.

Spirited Away
Image Courtesy of Spirited Away

Spirited Away

New York, New York

Bartenders and beverage directors unite for an educational experience at America’s ​​​​first brick-and-mortar NA bottle shop. “Spirited Away is a quaint shop that seems small, but whose floor-to-ceiling offerings of NA beer, wines and spirits are truly awe-inspiring,” says Kitty Bernardo, bar manager at Donna in New York City, which serves a selection of NA cocktails.

“Stepping into the shop on Mott Street feels like walking into a library, adds Bernardo, noting that the shop offers everything from light and fresh bubbles to heavier and more bitter options. “Individual bottles are clearly set out for easy access and readability if you’d like to pick them up and actually read what’s on the label. The space also lends itself to wandering and exploring with leisure, with no pressure to consume and buy immediately. “

The staff are knowledgeable, too. “You can have a conversation with the people at the counter, and they’ll give you honest feedback and guidance, and if anything, some much-needed perspective within a category that still has an air of mystery around it,” Bernardo says.

Minus Moonshine
Image Courtesy of Juan Beltran

Minus Moonshine

Brooklyn, New York

“The owners are about the best people you’ll ever meet,” says Elizabeth Gascoigne, founder of ​​​​Absence of Proof, an NA popup event. “They are kind, inclusive and truly care about their customers and community. They’re incredibly knowledgeable about the NA space.“

The shop itself is petite and chic, stocked with a carefully curated selection of NA wines, beers and spirits. Minus Moonshine also regularly hosts tastings and gatherings outside the store in the summer. ”They’re always excited to tell their community about new and upcoming brands. Brooklyn is lucky to have such an amazing NA shop!”

Gem Life
Image Courtesy of Kirsten White

Gem Life

Pittman and Collingswood, New Jersey

“The owner, ​​​​Drew​ Davis​, started the bottle shop when she quit drinking and became passionate about alcohol-free alternatives,” says Amanda White, a therapist and author of Not Drinking Tonight. “The shop always has new brands to try and will often let you taste almost anything before you buy it, which is a huge plus when it’s difficult to know if you will like a certain NA beverage.”

The shop also host pop-ups and wellness events, such as tarot card readings, yoga classes and more.

The Open Road
mage Courtesy of The Open Road

The Open Road

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Launched as a pop-up shop in 2020, the permanent brick-and-mortar store in Pittsburgh’s Allentown neighborhood has local delivery but can ship to select U.S. states, too. The Open Road has everything from pretty much every NA category, from beers and wine to spirits and ready-to-drink (RTD) cocktails. There are also NA seltzers, teas, euphorics and more in the mix. The woman, LGBTQ+ and minority-owned business with a focus on sustainability focuses on bringing zero-proof drinks to the forefront.

Umbrella Dry Drinks

Old Town Alexandria, Virginia

“Owner Sam Kasten welcomes you in with a smile and will answer any question you have about every single product on the shelf. She won’t stop there, though,” says Laura Silverman, founder of Zero Proof Nation and Booze Free in DC.

“This NA bottle shop also serves as a tasting room, so you can mindfully taste any mystery liquid before investing in that addition to your booze-free bar cart. Customers tend to be repeat ones and it’s clear that it’s not just the bright and airy shopfront that people come back for. There’s a true sense of community here and I’m proud to call this my neighborhood bottle shop.”

Point Five
Image Courtesy of Point Five

Point 5

Richmond, Virginia

Richmond’s first stand-alone non-alcoholic bottle shop sells more than just NA cocktails. With barware, mixers and RTD options, there’s something for everyone. The shop even has THC-infused and cannabis-infused drinks on offer. The Cary Street retailer also stocks functional beverages that purportedly boost mood, reduce stress and enhance memory. (Even more reasons to drink up, right?)

Northwest Pacific and California

The New Bar
Image Courtesy of Nihal Shaikh

The New Bar

Los Angeles, California

With a cherry red-painted exterior, you can’t miss the New Bar in Venice, California.

“Owner Brianda Gonzalez has done an exceptional job making the space aesthetically pleasing,” says Kayla Lyons, author of Soberish. “She always has a great selection of options and curates daily NA cocktails to sip on while you shop. Because who doesn’t want to try before you buy? With so many options to choose from; wines, RTDs, spirits and more it can be overwhelming to an individual new to the space.”

In addition, the New Bar offers a knowledgeable staff that can steer patrons toward suitable products. It also hosts events from mocktail-making classes to “sip-and-social” meetups.

Ocean Beach Cafe

San Francisco, California

“Ocean Beach Cafe is owned by Joshua James, who is passionate about promoting awareness of NA options,” says Sarah Levy, author of Drinking Games. “The bar and bottle shop offers a plethora of non-alcoholic wines and drink mixes as well as creative mocktails made to order.” Levy’s go-to pick? The NA hot toddy.

“They also have a cozy speakeasy-private space in the back,” says Levy. “They host regular events, and their community of sober curious folks is young, engaged and really fun.”

Kindred Spirits

Richland, Washington

“This remarkable establishment takes the hassle out of discovering alcohol-free options, boasting an impressive selection of over 100 choices,” says Michelle Smith, founder of ​​​​Recovery is the New Black, which offers coaching and workshops in sobriety. “The level of customer service is unparalleled, and their wealth of knowledge around sober resources inspired me.”

But it isn’t just a bottle shop, notes Smith. “Kindred Spirits fosters a genuine sense of community, providing unwavering support to individuals living or exploring an alcohol-free lifestyle,” she says. “They wholeheartedly embody their mission of creating a nurturing environment where those who opt for an alcohol-free life are valued, accepted and uplifted.”

The South, Southwest, Southeast and Texas

Image Courtesy of Therron Francis


Houston, Texas

“They have the knowledge and the passion,” says NA content creator Chelsea Monroe of the staff at this Texas-based shop. “[Founder Danny Frounfelkner] tells us if he wouldn’t drink it, [then] it wouldn’t be on the shelves. I appreciate the meticulous selection immensely.”

Monroe says Frounfelkner’s selectiveness makes it easy to discover new products. “Everyone is welcome to the shop to ask questions, taste beverages and hangout in my favorite spot: the vibes room,” she says. The room, she explains is located at the back of the store and invites patrons to hang out, enjoy a drink and listen to music. Monroe has used it as a co-working space, too.

“They have weekly tastings with brands where you can explore the products in depth and sometimes even with the founders,” she continues. “I also love how the store is broken up into different categories like wine, beer, spirits [and] ready-to-drink (RTDs) etc.”

Boisson LA location - same layout and design as future Miama Store
Avery J Klein Photography


​​​Miami, Florida

This chain, which has locations in California and New York, opens the doors of its first Sunshine State location in July. Sarah Wood, a sober writer of the newsletter Liminal, is a fan.

“Boisson has created what non-drinkers and not-drinking-tonight-ers dream of: a ubiquitous neighborhood spot to grab a pack of NA drinks on your way to a picnic or party,” says Wood. “What has impressed me about Boisson is that they don’t just open a building in a new community, they are committed to building community in the neighborhood by hosting regular gatherings for non-drinkers and [the] sober curious alike. Each store is airy and bright, with a great selection of drinks arranged so artfully that every friend I bring can’t believe it’s an NA bottle shop and not a hip new artisan wine shop.”

Image Courtesy of Sèchey


Charleston, South Carolina

​​​“I have family living in Charleston, and I have watched Sechey open and bloom on buzzy, thriving King Street downtown,” says Jardine Libaire, co-author of The Sober Lush. “It made me so happy, since Charleston is such a culinary-rich city, and the idea of adding NA alternatives into that particular hospitality culture is what it’s all about.”

Libaire notes that Sechey, which is owned by Emily Heintz, offers a “beautiful spectrum” of NA wines, spirits, mixers and more. The shop also hosts frequent tastings and offers private ones, too.

Killjoy Owner
Image Courtesy of Derek Batt


Nashville, Tennessee

“Killjoy stays stocked on all my favorite NA wines, but always has a new one to try when I come in,” says Creative Sobriety podcaster Kristen Bear. “I like that I can keep my refrigerator full of variety. Owner ​​​​Steph​anie [Styll]​, is knowledgeable about the market and I love that she lets shoppers taste many of the products before they purchase it.”

It also boasts “speakeasy vibe,” Bear notes, a result of it’s tucked-away location. Easy to miss if you don’t know where to look, Killjoy’s popularity has grown through mostly word-of-mouth.

“Today’s NA options are complex and sophisticated, and I love that Killjoy stays updated with what’s new and hot while still having staples like popular NA beer options and straightforward wine varieties,” Bear says. “It’s so great to know I can pop into the shop and find a great French bubbly or dry Riesling for a dinner party that will rival any traditional alcoholic cuvée.”

Magnolia Crescent

Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia

An orchard-and-winery combo that produces non-alcoholic wines? Cheers to that! Just minutes from Atlanta, guests will find fruit trees, resident golden hens, an apiary and—as the name suggests—magnolia trees. There are zero alcoholic options, though. This NA-focused operation offers tastings of its white, rosé, red and sparkling wines, plus sips of sparkling teas and spirit alternatives.

Monsoon Market​​​​

​​​Phoenix, Arizona​​

​​​“The owners are two women, Koral Casillas and Michela Ricci, who are very well-known and loved in Phoenix,” says Ellie St. Aubin, owner of Dry in the Desert, a sober event in Arizona. “They are welcoming, badass and involved in all things social in the community.”

Although the shop specializes in traditional natural wine, it also offers a large selection of NA offerings. They “do a wonderful job normalizing that as part of what should be on your market pickup list,” Aubin continues. “The Monsoon girls make NA feel just as cool and chic as anything else.”​​

​Unity SoBar​​

​​​Hobbs, New Mexico​​

Inside Salty Frog, a self-proclaimed “funky finds boutique,” is Unity Sobar, which specializes in small batch balsamic-based NA beverages. They also offer NA six-packs for the road.

“​I have been stopping by in the middle of my work week to relax, visit and sip on one of [owner] Becky [Moreno]’s mocktails since she opened,” says Victoria Bruce, owner of Bryan’s Green Care cannabis company and manufacturing facility. “It’s my favorite spot in town to shop largely because of the bar. Every single drink is delicious and made fresh.”​​

Hilary Sheinbaum is a journalist and the author of “The Dry Challenge: How to Lose the Booze for Dry January, Sober October, and Any Other Alcohol-Free Month” (HarperCollins).