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A Message From Wine Enthusiast Media Regarding Wine Tariffs

In October 2019, a U.S. government-implemented tariff increase directly impacting most European wine and spirits exports took effect. This added a 25% cost to what those importers pay for wines from numerous European countries.

The Office of U.S. Trade Representatives (USTR) recently announced an intention to implement new, higher tariffs (potentially as high as 100%) on additional European items including olive oil, cheese and single-malt Scotch, and to include both still and sparkling wine in that group, regardless of alcohol level. This could take effect very soon.

Wine Enthusiast is strongly opposed to these tariffs. The potential impact it could have not only on our industry as a whole, but to the choices our readers and American consumers have in what and how much they pay for their wine and spirits purchases, is alarming. Our mission is to promote the widespread enjoyment of wine and wine culture in our country and beyond, and to ensure that the positive climate for and momentum of wine lifestyle continues to flourish. These tariffs oppose that mission.

The USTR is accepting public comments on the proposed tariffs until Jan. 13. You can file your comment at www.regulations.gov. Wine Enthusiast will be posting our own opposition to the tariffs.

Yours sincerely,
The Team at Wine Enthusiast Media