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Wine Paris Exhibition Enters Second Year with a Focus on Sustainability

Wine Paris, one the premiere international exhibitions for the global wine trade, will be held in Paris from February 10–12, 2020 at the Porte de Versailles.

Debuting in 2019, the exhibition, first of its kind in Paris, merged two of the country’s most notable trade shows, Vinisud and Vinovision, to bring a combined 2,000 exhibitors and more than 26,000 trade professionals to France’s capital.

For the second iteration, Wine Paris will occur at the same time as Vinexpo Paris, a new platform from the established Vinexpo brand founded in 1981 by the Bordeaux-Gironde Chamber of Commerce and Industry to act as a networking resource for distributors across the globe. The simultaneous production of the two prominent shows will provide a comprehensive, international beverage experience, giving attendees the opportunity to access a global range of wines as well as benefit from some of Europe’s best-known wine experts.

In addition to featuring wines from across the many historic grape-growing regions of France, Wine Paris will also include producers and trade representatives from Austria, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain and more.

The three-day event is one of the earliest trade exhibitions of its size in 2020. This will allow growers, winemakers, trading companies and cooperatives to showcase their 2019 vintage at a key moment in Q1 for wine buyers.

Wine Paris will also debut its Wonderful initiative in 2020. The program aims to expand awareness of ethical wine production, from organic and biodynamic producers to sustainable farming and social responsibility.

Additionally, Wonderful seeks to help companies integrate “green” practices in their wines and navigate the complex world of eco-certifications—of which there are 30 in Europe, and 24 more worldwide. The curriculum will span viticulture, marketing best practices and supply chain considerations, as well as notes on how sustainable grape growing affects wine aromas and flavors.

“In France, the momentum shown by the wine industry can be described as historic,” says Jean-Pierre Van Ruyskensvelde, general manager of the French Institute of Vines and Wines (IFV). “On top of exceptional quality and a vast array of wines identified by origin or brand name, what connects the industry now is also a firm commitment to sustainability initiatives”.

Open to trade visitors only, badges are free of charge by invitation, with a $22 (20 euro) value-added tax for online registration, or $44 (40 euros) at the door.