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UPS Expands International Wine Shipments to 39 Countries

UPS is expanding its ability to ship U.S. wine, beer and spirits around the world, the delivery service said on Monday, creating the possibility of increasing sales for domestic producers.

It’s a one-way street, however, and one that will benefit U.S. wineries and overseas collectors.

“At this time, the expansion does not include the U.S. as a destination,” UPS spokesman Glenn Zaccara said in an email. That means U.S. consumers will not be able to call up the bodega or chateau or farm where they tasted a lovely red to have a case shipped directly to their home via UPS. But there is no such restraint on European, Asian or Latin American consumers interested in trying a California Chardonnay or a Willamette Valley Pinot Noir.

Canada Will Uniquely Benefit From Expanded Shipping

According to the International Organization of Vine and Wine, 43 percent of all wine is consumed in a country other than where it is produced. The global wine market is expected to reach $385 billion by 2022.

Italy, Portugal, France, Austria and South Africa are among the 39 countries as are Sweden, Netherlands, Norway and Hong Kong and South Korea.

Canada and the United States are big trading partners and as more Canadians buy products online, they are also adding alcohol to their shopping carts. With the expansion, UPS can deliver, sometimes within three days, to five of the Canadian provinces covering 95 percent of all alcohol imports.

For more information, visit the UPS International Alcohol Shipping Guide.