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Sarah Jessica Parker to Debut New Wine Collaboration

Though she may be known for popularizing the Cosmo, actress Sarah Jessica Parker has a new drink of choice: wine. The Golden Globe-winning actress, who currently stars in the HBO comedy-drama Divorce, has partnered with New Zealand-based Invivo Wines to produce two new labels, set to debut this summer.

The collaboration will initially release a Sauvignon Blanc and a rosé in time for warmer weather. Far from just a celebrity figurehead, Invivo winemaker Rob Cameron has stated that Parker will take a hands-on role in the process.

“We want this wine to be 100% Sarah Jessica Parker,” Cameron stated in a press release. “So other than selecting the base wines for a Sauvignon Blanc and rosé, I’ll be taking a back seat and letting her create the blends.”

Parker herself is looking forward to the venture. “I am a true wine lover and I love including wine in family dinners and occasions with friends, so this is a very exciting and fun project for me,” says Parker. “I’m so looking forward to every single stage of the creation.

In addition to her wine, the star, who already designs her own SJP line of footwear, now has another pair of shoes to add to her closet. “The boys even brought me a pair of ‘gumboots’ which they assure me are the height of Kiwi vineyard fashion.”

Look for our full interview with Sarah Jessica Parker about her winemaking venture in the August 2019 issue of Wine Enthusiast.