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Generational Farmers of Single Vineyard Wines

Brad and Randall Lange, twins and fourth-generation Lodi winegrape farmers, grew up and raised their families on the land we still farm to this day. Their respect for the land and passion for preserving it for future generations is our foundation and influences our everyday practices.

In 2005 the fifth-generation made a lifelong commitment to our family company, joining the business with roles spanning across both the winery and viticulture teams. It was at this time, we built the winery – a generational decision to ensure our farm, communities, and the agricultural way of life thrives.

It’s such a prideful thing, to spend your life farming, and then have your kids wanting to be back.”

– Brad Lange


As generational farmers with agriculture at our core, we know that great wine starts in the vineyard. This philosophy, our focus on sustainability, and experience with our vineyards guides our viticulture decisions within the Lodi and Clarksburg Appellations. With every vintage being unique, we know that dedicating attention to each block delivers the best winegrapes each year for the best possible wine.

All our wines are crafted with care and each has a unique story. Released this past summer, our Single Vineyard collection expresses the true characteristic of each individual vineyard. They are estate and sustainably grown in the Jahant or Clarksburg Appellations and every bottle highlights how each winegrape variety interacts with soil and weather to create a one-of-a-kind wine that we love to share at family occasions.

And with the holidays around the corner, our Prince Vineyard Chenin Blanc will be on the table. Located in the Clarksburg Appellation, the vineyard is a complicated and challenging. It’s a myriad of blocks, with high-mildew pressure, brutal winds, and the influence of the Delta waterways all come together to mimic a coastal area. But the result is pleasing – is a vibrant wine with crisp refreshing notes.


As a family, our priority has always been to connect you to the land through wine. And with each family member dedicated to our winery and vineyards, our love for farm and family lies in each bottle of wine.