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A Message from Wine Enthusiast Media Regarding COVID-19

Friends, Colleagues and Wine Lovers:

At Wine Enthusiast, we celebrate the community that wine engenders. Bringing people together around dinner tables, in tasting rooms and in restaurants around the globe, the lifestyle of wine represents much more than just what’s in the glass, and at its heart, is about bringing people together who have a like-minded passion for joyful living.

That lifestyle has been threatened and dramatically altered as a result of our new current state of uncertainty due to COVID-19. The entire fabric of our daily lives has been shaken to the core very quickly and the framework in which wine and community are shared has necessarily been shifted.  Safety and mitigation of this virus are top priority. And we anxiously await the months ahead.

While we wait, the community surrounding wine has been emboldened to stand together. Our industry has shared many a good fortune, and hardships alike, and we have risen from even the most challenging blows even stronger. We must do so again today.

Here at Wine Enthusiast, we are committed to our wine storytelling, and will continue to deliver our content in print and online without fail. It’s our job to bring the lifestyle of wine to our readers every day, wherever they may be, and to continue that community and conversation that we live and breathe.

Let’s all raise a glass tonight to the simple pleasures we’re still lucky enough to enjoy even in this current difficult state of affairs.

For now, please be safe, please be healthy, and know we are here as an ally, as a source for information and content, and as a concerned friend.

Adam M. Strum, CEO & Publisher

Susan Kostrzewa, Editor-in-Chief