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The Best Places to Eat and Drink in Düsseldorf During ProWein 2023

Whether you’re standing behind a booth all day or navigating numerous crowded halls, trade fair days can take a lot out of you. Thankfully, Düsseldorf, Germany, home to international drinks trade show ProWein, is equipped to accommodate hordes of hungry and thirsty visitors from around the globe.

Here are our picks for everything to eat and drink during the fair.

Where to Eat

Brauerei Zum Schlüssel
Image Courtesy of Brauerei Zum Schlüssel

For a quick bite, Düsseldorf has a few central spots open every day. To start there’s Brauerei zum Schlüssel, which offers dishes like braised beef from their brewer’s grain-fed bulls. And don’t miss Brauerei im Füchschen, which serves its signature pork shank with its brews.

If you want a quiet, refined dinner, try Zum Stappen, a well-established restaurant that serves classic German dishes like Wiener schnitzel. It’s open Wednesday-Saturday from 5 pm, and Sunday from 12 pm.

There’s also The Grill, an upscale steak house specializing in beef from Nebraska, Argentina and Australia. Or, if a relaxed, all-day bistro-café is your thing, try Wilma Wunder, which serves up simple pastas, salads and breakfast

Düsseldorf is home to Germany’s largest Japanese community, and there are a number of options for Japanese-German fare. Qomo, located in a tower on the Rhine, offers upscale Japanese fusion with a view, from wagyu-stuffed gyoza to teriyaki lamb chops. It also has a classy bar that serves up mixed drinks like Buttered Yuzu Fizz spiked with lemon curd and the rum-based Shiso Moki, bottles of sparkling wine, nonalcoholic cocktails and more.

Naniwa Noodles and Soup is an affordable and popular ramen joint that also offers takeout. Upscale sushi chain Okinii has two branches in Düsseldorf and is popular for izakaya-style meals (meaning you order small drinks alongside small plates). Finally, soba addicts can head to the simple comfort of Soba-An.

What (Else) to Drink

If you’ve had enough wine after a day at ProWein, Düsseldorf offers its very own style of beer, Altbier, a top-fermented, dark brown ale. You can find it at Brauerei Kürzer and Brewery im Füchschen among others in the historic Altstadt, or old town, that also serve hearty German fare perfect for a cold March night.

Should you still thirst for wine after a day of tasting, visit the Concept Riesling wine shop on Carlsplatz, which specializes in young German winemaking talent and the country’s cult Rieslings.

This story was updated January 27, 2023.