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Our Favorite Boozy Super Bowl Commercials of All Time

Are you there for the snacks, the halftime show or good ‘ole American football? Wherever you stand, there’s arguably one thing that brings us all together on Super Bowl Sunday: The commercials.

Since American football’s first championship game in 1967, Super Bowl commercials were considered prime advertising bait for all sorts of companies, especially beer.

You may have noticed that wine commercials are less popular—or rather, hardly existent—during the Super Bowl. This is no fluke. Beginning in 1989, beer giant Anheuser-Busch InBev (AB InBev) held a near-monopoly as the sole alcohol advertiser during the Super Bowl.

The exclusivity deal explains why brands like Budweiser, which are owned by AB InBev, have dominated the small screen for years—but not anymore. In 2022, AB InBev ended its deal with the NFL, allowing more alcohol brands—including those beyond beer—to enter the gameday lineup. 

Here at Wine Enthusiast, we decided to cull through the archive and put together a list of the most iconic boozy Super Bowl commercials of all time. And while the list is still Budweiser-heavy, we did manage to find some wine and ready-to-drink cocktail ads that are just as iconic.

The Best Boozy Super Bowl Commercials

12. Bud Light Seltzer ‘Land of Loud Flavors’ (2022)

Guy Fieri takes us to a different kind of flavortown in this 2022 commercial for Bud Light Seltzer. In a Narnia-like entry through the kitchen fridge, we explore an alternate universe of fusion flavors, as well as an absurd number of Fieri-look-alikes.

11. Yellow Tail ‘Yellow Tail Gold’ (2017)

Kangaroos and yellow suits aren’t exactly namesay at a beach barbecue—but a bottle of Australian wine certainly is. Needless to say, this 2017 ad for Yellow Tail stirred controversy over its depiction of Australian culture despite clocking in as one of the few standing wine commercials aired during the Super Bowl.

10. Bud Light Seltzer ‘Inside Post’s Brain’ (2020) 

To sip or not to sip? When Post Malone walks into a bar and orders a mango-flavored hard seltzer, the simple question is taken to another extreme. This 2020 ad reveals the team of people in charge of deliberating if it’s a good idea to drink or not.

9. Michelob Ultra ‘Jimmy Works it Out’ (2020) 

The short version: John Cena is so proud of Jimmy Fallon that he could squat him.

In this Super Bowl LIV commercial, the Tonight Show star is taken on a series of active outings that earn him a light lager. The adventure highlights the low-calorie appeal of Michelob Ultra with the help of an unexpected duo.

8. Bud Light ‘Joust’ (2019)

Game of Thrones fans were at the edge of their seats for what they thought was the trailer for the show’s eighth and final season but was really another commercial for beer. Bud Light featured the medieval cast (and a dragon) during Super Bowl LII for the ultimate crossover you never saw happening.

7. Heineken ‘The Run’ (2005)

Ever opened the fridge for a Heineken, only to be left with an empty cardboard box? Brad Pitt gets it. But for a superstar, going for a late-night beer run is no easy venture—and the mobs of paparazzi in this 2005 commercial aired during Super Bowl XXXIX prove it.

6. Budweiser ‘“Bud” Weis” “Er”’ (1995)

Here’s some pet-naming inspo: meet Bud, Weis and Er—the iconic trio of croaking frogs from Budweiser’s 1995 commercial. Something about the rhythmic unveiling of the Budweiser name in this swamp continues to leave our team mystified.

5. Budweiser ‘Puppy Love’ (2014)

A puppy forms an unbreakable bond with a horse—must we say more to win your heart over? Budweiser took a break from its typically humorous ads and instead opted for something a bit more wholesome in 2014. And it makes perfect sense: dogs are a man’s best friend, just like beer.

4. Budweiser ‘Typical American’ (2020)

In their 2020 commercial, Budweiser encourages viewers to look beyond the ordinary to find remarkable feats—and this isn’t just about beer. Through various clips of everyday people doing extraordinary things, the ad served as a patriotic reminder before the Kansas City Chiefs earned their first victory since Super Bowl IV in 1970.


3. Cutwater ‘Here’s to the Lazy Ones’ (2022)

In 2022, Cutwater Spirits had their Super Bowl debut—and it did not disappoint. Through a grayscale commercial with inspiring commentary, the canned cocktail brand celebrates everyday pioneers for working smarter, not harder.

2. Budweiser ‘Instant Replay’ (2003)

Was it a false start or was it just a zebra? Time to watch the replay.

Replays were a big issue during the 2003 season of the NFL, and Budweiser ran with it. This commercial features the Budweiser Clydesdales, a band of mesmerizing horses that are impossible to take your eyes off of. But when you watch the replay…well, we’ll let you figure the rest of it out.

Fun fact: the commercial ironically aired right after a replay.

1. Budweiser ‘Whassup?’ (1999)

Aired during Super Bowl XXXIV in 2000, the ‘Whassup’ commercial shared a simple tale of buds enjoying Buds over a landline (as one did in Y2K). The tongue-lolling Budweiser campaign won practically every award in advertising and became an instant cultural phenomenon, with many greeting their friends with the comical shout.