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10 of Our Favorite Hefeweizen Beers

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Thanks to New England-style India pale ales, hazy beers are in fashion these days. But for true refreshment, a familiar cloudiness and immediately recognizable aromas, look to the hefeweizen, the original hazy beer. This traditional German wheat beer is sometimes overlooked, although back in the early days of the American beer scene it was often the lighter-colored pour on tap at brewpubs.

Traditional recipes were usually only found in import bottles, and packaged American versions were typically hard to come by in the early days. Yet Widmer Brothers in Portland, Oregon, was an early adaptor of the style.

The hefeweizen is not to be confused with Belgian-style white ales—often brewed or accented with orange peel and coriander. Hefeweizen is brewed with a specific yeast strain that imparts aromas and flavors of banana and clove, making it both fruity and spicy. Some brewers will dial up these attributes while others prefer to keep them mellow. There are even some brewers that are using the style as a base for fruit-accented beers.

Traditionally served in a tall weizen glass, similar to a vase, with a wider opening that both builds foam and releases aromas, they are often cloudy and pale yellow to golden in color, although some examples will be lighter or occasionally darker. A lemon wedge is sometimes served as a garnish.

The alcohol is low to moderate as well, although there are some “imperial” versions on the marketplace. But it’s rare for traditional variations to go beyond 6% abv, making it a proper session beer and refreshing one that can pair well with grilled fish, cream-based desserts and is a delightful brunch companion.

To get off the well-worn hop road, a hefeweizen is a perfect style for the spring and summer months. Its bright appearance mimics the sun and its lively aromas bring a sense of joy and frivolity to the palate. Take a stroll down the import aisle or to a local brewery taproom and give this style a closer look.

Ayinger Bräuweisse; $12/330 ml 4 pack, Total Wine & More. Creamy and flavorful with clove and light banana on the nose and palate… SEE SCORE AND FULL REVIEW

Cosmic Eye Dörhammer; $8/12 oz 6 Pack. A pub hefeweizen at home. This moderately carbonated ale has just enough of all the hallmark aromas… SEE SCORE AND FULL REVIEW

Dovetail Hefeweizen; $10/16 oz 4 pack, Total Wine & More. Hazy and burnt orange, with some vanilla and banana candy sweetness, and wafts of spiciness… SEE SCORE AND FULL REVIEW

Good Word Isabella; $13/16 oz 4 pack. A well balanced combination of clove, pink bubble gum, and candied banana… SEE SCORE AND FULL REVIEW

KC Bier Hefeweizen; $9/12 oz 6 pack, Drizly. With many of the traditional hallmarks of the style, this feels familiar and friendly from the first sip… SEE SCORE AND FULL REVIEW

Live Oak Hefeweizen; $10/12 oz 6 pack, Total Wine & More. Soft and bready with an easy drinking quality, this pale yellow ale is on the clearer side of haze and strong on the clove phenolics… SEE SCORE AND FULL REVIEW

Pacifica Billowing; $13/16oz 4pack. Fruity forward on the aroma, this smooth, almost silky hefeweizen stands out in a number of different ways… SEE SCORE AND FULL REVIEW

Prost Brewing Hefeweizen; $10/12 oz 6 pack, Drizly. Slightly spicy and a little sweet, this moderately carbonated ale is hazy golden yellow… SEE SCORE AND FULL REVIEW

Springdale Das Weizen; $11/16 oz 4 pack, Drizly. Mineral forward on the nose, this pours golden yellow with a little haze… SEE SCORE AND FULL REVIEW

Urban Chestnut Schnickelfritz; $9/16 oz 4 pack, Total Wine & More. Graham cracker on the nose mixes with assertive allspice and clove… SEE SCORE AND FULL REVIEW