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Wine Cellar Cooling Units

The cooling system is the heart of your wine cellar. Our wine room refrigerators ensure that your wine is properly cooled, letting it mature gracefully, increasing in quality and value. Wine Enthusiast offers a range of high quality, easy-to-install cooling units for wine cellars of all sizes. Contact one of our wine storage consultants for support! We’re glad to share more information on installa...Read Moretion and the advantages of both ducted units and through-the-wall units. Wine Enthusiast expert consultants can help you navigate options from high-quality brands to find a refrigeration unit that fits your needs and is guaranteed to age well.

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There are three main types of cooling units to choose from: non-ducted/self-contained (also known as through-the-wall), ducted/self-contained, and split (which can be ductless or ducted). Many factors will be considered when choosing what type of unit is best for you, including the size of the cellar, the location, the purpose of the wine cellar, and budget. Once you've chosen the type of cooling unit, you'll need to determine what size unit is required for your cellar.