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Future 40 2022

Natalie Jacob

Bartender, Attaboy Nashville & Author, Nashville, Tennessee

Making Mid-Century Modern Moves

For someone from New Jersey, Natalie Jacob knows an awful lot about Dwight Yoakam. No surprise she ended up in Nashville then, where she can be found behind the bar of Attaboy Nashville—the Music City outpost of the Lower East Side bar that occupies the hallowed ground that was once Sasha Petraske’s Milk & Honey and founded by M&H alums Michael McIlroy and Sam Ross. She also runs her own beverage and digital media company called Arsenic Lace Creative. Jacob has recently combined her deft hand with cocktails (honed at such haunts as Painkiller NYC and Dutch Kills) and combined it with her taste for mid-century modern design (honed as an interior design student) in her lush book Mod Cocktails, which stylishly brings classic cocktails back to the future.

Instagram: @arseniclace